What are the benefits of Photography and Videography for a Wedding?

Nowadays, everything exists to end in a photograph, so then why should the most important day of your life miss the opportunity to get immortalized? A photograph is something that captures your big day 1/1000th of a second at a time, and it can speak more than anyone else would ever remember. After years of lying unseen on a dusty bookshelf, when you browse through the happy memories, you would want to see yourself as a beautiful, happy couple and re-live what was the most wonderful day you could have planned.

Hiring professionals is the best way to go, because letting them do the legwork for you not only ensures crisp quality but also takes the onus off the guests to capture your moments for you. Let them have their day in the sun while those who have work to do, capture your moments.

They not only have the right equipment for the day, but also know the right tools for post-processing of those images and videos later, thus, ensuring that you get a wholesome packaged deal. You can be present during the final editing and create a video-picture or a photograph that is completely to your liking. You take the director’s seat for the most part.

The stark contrasts of the bride’s white and the groom’s black, the blue sky or the chapel’s glass tinted shadows, along with the bridesmaids’ pastel shades or the guests’ attires, a professional knowledge about contrast and camera settings is imperative to create an image (or film) that is of a quality deemed fit for your wedding day. You wouldn’t want poor quality coverage of your precious day to ruin what could have been wonderfully preserved memories.

While photographs have their own charm, re-living the past has been made even easier with videography. Filming the vows is an exceptional way to rekindle your love every once in a while. It focuses not just on the moment but also on the events that precede and succeed it; creating an experience that’s just second to the real thing. Wedding videography taps into the human mind’s innate ability to focus more on the movement of images.

There are no second takes during this kind of a photo/video shoot. A professional videographer will know what to capture and what to let go, if at all. There’s always more than one camera with them and it is a fail safe way to make sure you have your day immortalized for the years to come- something that you can show to your children and grandchildren.

A team of professionals will never let you miss out on anything. The bride and the groom are the most important people on the day of the wedding, so evidently, they cannot be everywhere. A video will help them see what they’ve missed out on while they were busy eating cake or just staring into each other’s eyes.

Sharing your day with those who couldn’t make it to your wedding is another major advantage of making videos of your wedding day. Candid moments make for the sweetest of memories, taking out the ‘stigma’ of a photo-face, or a posed photograph. At the same time, a professional photographer will be able to produce the pictures that you would want framed for your living room.

Wedding videography ensures plenty of fun moments which can be replayed over and over again, till either your belly hurts with laughter or your eyes well up with tears. Let the professionals worry about making you look good on film while you focus on being fabulous on your special day, and just have fun.

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