What Are the Most Important Aspects of a Wedding?

There are many details that must be handled if your wedding is going to go off without a hitch, but it’s also true that not all details are of equal importance. There are some that will make or break the big day, while others just function as the cherry on top. If you’re going to have a day that lives long in the memory (for all the right reasons), then it’s important that you’re taking the time to figure out these details. Below, we take a look at a few examples of key aspects, and offer advice on how you can get them just right.

Most important aspects of wedding.

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The When

Your wedding is going to be greatly influenced by the time of year that it’s hosted. There’s a big difference between a wedding that takes place in the winter and one that takes place in summer. The time of year will change the whole vibe; if it’s chilly outside, then you’ll want to create a cozy atmosphere; it’ll be the inside that counts the most. If the sun is shining, then you’ll want to open up the doors and bring the outside into play. Both can be great, but they are different! 

The Where

Where you get married is arguably the most important factor. A beautiful environment can add so much to the day, and really set the tone from the first moment all the way to the last. The good news is that there are wedding venues for every type of style. You can look abroad, and have a sun-kissed, exotic atmosphere, or you can look at venues such as Woodhall Manor, and have a classy and elegant affair. Get it right, and it’ll contribute towards a magical and romantic wedding! As well as the aesthetic appeal of the venue, you’ll also need to think about the logistics of the venue — for example, will your guests be able to get there alright?

The Who 

And talking of guests, don’t forget that who’s in attendance will, of course, have a huge impact on the overall feel of the day. It can be difficult to make a guest list, it’s true, but if you follow a couple of golden rules, then you’ll be fine. The most important one is that you should only invite people that you positively want to be there! It’s often better to have a smaller group of fun, lovable guests, rather than trying to fit as many people as possible into the venue.

The Party

Your guests will come to your wedding to see the loving union that you’re creating, but they’ll stay for the party. So make sure that you put plenty of effort and attention into ensuring that your wedding has a party to remember. Hiring a DJ who knows how to keep people on the dancefloor will be a positive step, as will setting up different areas so that it’s a well-rounded party (for example, creating a chillout area for people that want to chat rather than dance and so on). 

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