What Are the Types of Wedding Rings for Men?

Every year, there are around 1.6 million marriages in the US. Is it your turn to tie the knot soon? Then congratulations on these exciting times!

In addition to planning out all the little details of your big day, you’ll also need to exchange wedding rings. There are many wedding ring styles though, so it might be hard to pick the right one for you and your spouse.

If you’re having a tough time choosing the best wedding rings, then keep reading. Here are the types of wedding rings for men you can consider.

Classic Wedding Rings

If you’re a man of simple tastes, then this is ideal for you. It’s a smooth band that has no patterns or inserts, and you can even get a satin finish on it. This means the ring won’t be shiny and instead, it’ll have a more muted look.

Double Alloy Wedding Rings

As the name suggests, these wedding rings come with 2 types of gold. The combination can be either red and white, or lemon and white.

This is a step up from the classic wedding ring in that it’s still simple, but not too flashy. It can be a good compromise with your spouse, as it’ll be easier to match their ring.

Wedding Rings With Decor

This is a wedding ring style for men who like elegance and artsiness. The band itself can be carved and etched to show intricate designs, whether those are lines or curves. You can even get small gems inserted, such as sapphires.

Keep in mind that just because there’s decor, it doesn’t necessarily mean the ring isn’t masculine anymore. For instance, many men like to choose enamel wedding rings, which are bright yet make you look like a gentleman still.

You can also have your wedding ring set with diamonds to match your spouse’s ring. Who says diamonds are only for women, anyway?

Viking Wedding Rings

Want something unique and very masculine? Then consider Viking wedding rings, especially if you know you’ve got Viking ancestry. You’ll do your ancestors proud by incorporating your family line into your wedding ring.

These are large rings that have intricate designs, such as dragon skin, skulls, angel wings, etc. While some come as bands only, others have gemstones as well, such as onyx.

Browse more on Viking wedding rings to see if they’re right for you.

Choose From the Best Types of Wedding Rings for Men

By knowing the types of wedding rings available, you’ll have an easier time browsing your options and selecting the perfect ones.

Every person has their own unique style, so feel free to get advice from your loved ones. But ultimately, the choice is up to you. And by weighing your options, you’ll end up with something you’ll love forever!

If you need more help planning a wedding, then check out the rest of our blog now.

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