Why Use a Travel Agent?

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In the age of DIY everything, let’s rethink DIY-ing our honeymoon! If you are like me, doing things on your own seems like it will save you money  (especially after you’ve been spending money left and right on your wedding)! But it takes tons of time to research and plan, and it can cost more planning your honeymoon yourself! Here are some reasons to utilize a FREE Honeymoon Planning Service!

ExpertiseTravel Agents have been to these resorts and know first hand the vibe and feel of the resort. Are you outgoing people- maybe the resort you chose had gorgeous photos, but when you got there it was super quiet and low key! Travel Agents know this! They will match you up with the resort that best fits the two of you without hours of research on your own.

Save Time – Using a Travel Agent will save you MANY MANY hours of online research, as well as time learning about all of your room options, pricing out the rooms, booking airfare, researching excursions, etc. This is a huge one! We know wedding planning is time consuming enough!

Get Direct Pricing– You get the best pricing (resort direct pricing) when using a Travel Agent. There are no hidden fees or upcharges for using a one!

Save Money– Travel Agents work with pricing each and every day, they know when the rooms are on sale and when the best promotions are, along with the best time to book for the most savings. Take advantage of their expertise! They know when flights are a good price, and know the ins and outs to save your $$$ on your trip!

Tips- Since Travel agents get to experience these resorts first hand, they will have a TON of tips for you- what the best restaurants are, the best excursions nearby, the best rooms and locations, and the list goes on. These tips are so helpful to making your honeymoon that much more enjoyable!

Save Yourself a Possible Headache- Imagine you are taking your honeymoon in January and the weather is calling for 2 feet of snow- your flight is cancelled. What do you do now? If you have a travel agent, simply call them up. They work their magic with the airlines and  resorts to get you out as soon as possible and you are off to enjoy your honeymoon! Read some of our reviews from clients who have ran into what could have been headache situations!

Resort Personnel Relationships – Since Travel Agents have been to these resorts and send clients constantly, they have great relationships with resort personnel. They will let the resort know they have VIP honeymooners arriving and to take extra good care of their clients!

Get started planning your honeymoon today! It’s never too early! It’s just as important as booking that photographer you have to have! Rooms sell out fast! The best valued rooms and prime suites are taken first, so beat everyone else to the punch!

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