3 Reasons Brides Should Consider Laser Hair Removal Before the Big Day

Spring is right around the corner and brides everywhere are getting ready to walk down the aisle. Venues have been booked, gowns are safely hanging in the office of a trusted seamstress, and invitations were sent out weeks ago.

There seems to be little left to do but anxiously wait as the days grow longer and the big day approaches. You may have read every bridal magazine cover to cover to assure a flawless ceremony and mind-blowing reception, but consider the following minor details before walking down the aisle.

1. Facial Hair Can Give Makeup a Caked-On Appearance

You’ll never admit to your future spouse that you’ve had to take a razor to the peach fuzz above your lip on more than one occasion. After all, what goes on behind the closed bathroom door is none of his business, right? But if you’ve been known to shrink away as his hand reaches for your face because you’re afraid he’ll feel the stubble on your chin, then facial laser hair removal is the perfect solution for you on your big day.

A fuzzy face is a makeup artist’s biggest challenge because it prevents foundation and blush from absorbing properly into the skin. Makeup clings to facial hairs and forms unsightly lumps, causing every bride’s worst nightmare: a caked-on look. Skip the razor and treat yourself with laser hair removal to prepare your skin for those unavoidable close-up photos. And since this is a permanent solution, you’ll maintain your flawless appearance for years to come and enjoy getting up close and personal with your hubby throughout your newlywed bliss.

2. Shaving Cuts Into Prep Time

Even after all of the run-throughs, dress fittings, and hair and makeup trials, the morning of your big day can’t be expected to go without delay. Your manicurist might call out sick. Your hair might take longer than you anticipated. You might realize you forgot to shave your left leg after you’ve already been helped into your dress. Arranging as many beauty regiments as possible in advance will help reduce both your stress and prep time, transforming any delay into nothing more than an excuse to have another glass of champagne.

So, get your nails done the day before. Have a backup hairstyle in case your hair isn’t behaving the day of. And start laser hair removal now so you won’t have to worry about shaving before the big day. Or even worse, having to deal with razor burn peeking out beneath your arms as you walk down the aisle. Laser hair removal will not only significantly cut down your prep time, but it will give your legs and underarms the flawless glow every bride looks for, lasting well into your honeymoon.

3. A Gift For Your Bridesmaids

There’s nothing harder than having to sit down with your sister or one of your closest friends and tell them that you’d like them to have their obvious sideburns attended to before your big day. This is the kind of conversation that can quickly turn south, and you may even end up with one less bridesmaid. But it’s likely that most of your bridesmaids have already considered laser hair removal, and would truly appreciate this gift. Since it’s traditional to get a gift for your bridesmaids, why not give them a gift that will last a lifetime?

Giving laser hair removal as a gift to your entire wedding party will save your loved ones from embarrassment and ensure your wedding photos come out exactly as you imagined. It will also provide you with the choice of several ladies to keep you company while you undergo your own treatments. You may want to give the groomsmen a hair replacement system to make sure they look perfect too!

Body Details True Laser Hair and Tattoo Removal is the only company that offers a free lifetime guarantee in South Florida and the convenience of night and weekend hours, you can schedule a free consultation now by calling 866-708-8645 or online at BodyDetails.com

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Submitted by Amber Collins


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