5 Valuable Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring

Getting married is an exciting and important chapter of life and every girl wants her man to make the wedding proposal special. Therefore, the engagement ring you choose has to be the perfect one. After all, it’s meant to be worn for a lifetime. The most important thing in a wedding proposal is the engagement ring and it’s better to make it a surprise for your partner. Here are the tips to help you buy a ring your partner will love.

Know your Partner’s Preference in Jewelry:

The choices are abundant in the selection of rings like a diamond, ruby, or sapphire, etc. You should observe which stones, type of setting, or color of precious metals she likes. You can observe the style of jewelry she wears, or you can ask her mother or close friends about her preferences. After all, you are going to ask her to marry you, and she must love the ring.

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Find out her Ring Size:

That is really essential and if you don’t know her ring size, secretly borrow a ring she wears on her ring finger, and get it measured by the jeweler. You should be able to fit the ring on her finger easily. You surely don’t want a ring cutting off your circulation or so loose that it’s at risk of falling off. It should fit the finger comfortably. 

Choose the Right Gemstone:

Women are obsessed with diamonds, and they have more allure and brilliance than other gemstones. A diamond will look beautiful for decades and can withstand daily wear. Moreover, diamond has been the traditional choice for an engagement ring because it’s a precious stone that is usually bought for special occasions. However, you can also opt for other popular gemstones like sapphires and rubies, which are also durable. You should know that some stones like opals are not ideal for daily wear because they dry out and crack and are only better for occasional use. Therefore, choose the gemstones that are graded high in hardness. A comprehensive guide on diamond engagement ring cuts can help you select the right diamond.

Choose the ring band that suits her Complexion:

There is a variety of metals for the band of engagement ring. The most common include rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, platinum, and silver. You can even have a mix of different metals. But it’s better to invest in gold or platinum as they are the two precious and durable metals for jewelry. Platinum, a silvery-white metal, is the hardest but also the most expensive one. However, gold is also a versatile metal perfect for engagement rings. It’s best to choose a metal that suits your partner’s complexion.

Select Your Setting:

Form the ornate features of a vintage style to the simple elegance of a solitaire design; you can find tremendous settings to match any personality. Do your homework about the ring styles before you buy one, so you’ll better know which style will suit your partner. You should also check for the number of prongs; there should be 4 to 6 prongs securing the stone. The prongs must be durable to hold the stone in place. If they are thin and weak, you are more likely to lose the stone.

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