A Few Tips from a Professional Photographer

Wedding Photographer Tips

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Engagement Session

Make sure to have an engagement picture session.  This will allow you to get to know your photographer, and more importantly for your photographer to know you.  Photographers like to know if you are sensitive to light, blink a lot, have a favorite side or a favorite smile.  Your photographer could get some background information on your family members.  We like to know things like, “Aunt Susie never smiles.”

Group shots

Contrary to popular belief, the adults are usually the ones not looking at the camera.  Children will do what they do.  If the adults are not worried and looking ahead, it is easier to get that perfect picture when the munchkins do look up and smile.

Hints for a perfect day

Make sure you have one friend or family member who is willing to clue the photographer in on the people at your wedding.  You don’t want too many pictures of cousin Bob’s wild and crazy flavor of the week.  Or trying to gather bitter rivals for pictures they don’t want.

If taking pictures or walking down the isle on grass, make sure your heels are not pointy.  A good wide heel won’t sink into the grass, get caught and/or dirty.  You could change shoes later at the reception for a great garter toss picture.

Make sure you “click” with your photographer.  He or she regardless of his or her photography should be a perfect fit for you.  Personality matters, you want someone that is going to love being at your wedding capturing every moment.  Their art should match the vision you see of yourself.  Remember there is more to photography than price; it is all about what works for you, so invest wisely.  Your wedding photos are your first family heirloom, make sure that they last.

Article submitted by
Dave Alton
Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

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