How to choose a wedding DJ

Wedding DJ

How to select a wedding DJ

1. Select a Professional/full-time DJ: Unfortunately there are far too many
DJ’s who represent themselves as professional DJ’s, while working in another
line of work. A full-time DJ can give your wedding the focus and attention
it deserves, versus part-time DJ, will only be able to focus on your
wedding when he can work it around his “real” job. Like any other
profession, only the most talented are able to attain a full-time status,
for the rest, it is just a hobby. Your wedding deserves a PROFESSIONAL

2. Meet your DJ BEFORE you choose him: You should not select a DJ until
after you have interviewed him in person. Remember, your DJ will be
handling one of the most important days of your life. Your wedding
celebration is about your individual style, taste, customs and vision.
Whoever you choose to represent your wedding, should take the time to learn
what is important to you and then be there in person to fulfill that vision.

3. Reputation, Reviews & Response: Make sure the Company/DJ has an
outstanding reputation. A Company/DJ should have lots testimony and reviews
online from previous clients. Poor reviews or even simply a lack of
reviews, is not a good sign. Finally, observe their response time in
returning calls, replying to emails or mailing correspondence. If their
response time is not almost immediate, then your wedding may not a priority
for them.

4. Call on the phone: With so much information available on the web, many
brides forget this all too important step. A DJ’s voice makes a BIG
difference. Does he have a deep rich voice? Does he speak eloquently? Is
he friendly and enjoyable to speak with? If he is, then move onto the next
step of setting up a time to meet him. Also, if you call during normal
business hours and he answers the phone, this is a very good sign he is a
full-time DJ. However if you continually get a voicemail during the day, he
most likely is a part-time DJ.

Article submitted by Sounds Like Fun DJ out of Los Angeles, CA.

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