Not Your Mother’s Guest Book!

The traditional, name filled guest book is, well …BORING!

By contrast, the Adesso Album Instant Photo Guest Book® is a FUN, unique, very personal and interactive alternative.   Here’s how it works:

  • Fuji Instax instant photos are taken of guests
  • The photos are slid into the die cuts in the pages of the Adesso Album
  • While the photos are developing, guests write a note to the bride and groom
  • VOILA!  An instant memento in pictures and words – just for you!

The Adesso Album concept was originally conceived by Adesso Founder Lesley Mattos when she traveled to Italy in 2001 for a friend’s wedding.  The bride asked her to take Polaroid pictures of the guests, scotch tape them into an album and have the guests write a little something.  Great idea, bad format.

So Lesley designed and brought to market an album specifically designed to accommodate the Polaroid photos without having to use scotch tape or glue or photo corners.  Very simple, very elegant and very fun!

Polaroid stopped manufacturing its instant line of cameras and film in 2008, and a Japanese company Fuji quickly came into the U.S. with its version of the instant camera and film.  And Adesso brought albums to market to accommodate the Fuji instant photos.  And the instant photo guest book concept lives on!

For more information, visit or call 415.957.9901

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