A Perfect Marriage Proposal Speech: 7 Best Writing Tips

You got engaged just about a year ago. Your life is sorted. You both want the same things from life. You truly love each other, and you want to make sure that when you propose, you do an exceptional job. It must be memorable because you’re committed and you want this to be an outstanding event. Write your speech.

Take a trip down memory lane

You will want to gather some ideas to include in that exclusive marriage proposal. This is the right time for you to think back to when you first laid eyes on each other.

Are you high school sweethearts? Did you meet at work, a ball game, on a pristine beach, at church or in a night club? Who else was present, and do you recall a particular song playing in the background when you first met?

Women can be quite nostalgic under the right circumstances. They are also very appreciative of the small details. Remembering what she was wearing, for example, can score very high points when drafting the ideal wedding proposal.

Love is in the detail

Do you remember the first time your relationship transformed from being simply friends to something more? Your first real date without an entourage around is another important event you may want to add when you pen that ideal proposal speech. Who said “I love you” first?

Did you declare your love on a hiking trip, or do you have some funny, sad, or other memories that stand out? Life is not just about the good times.

If you’ve already shared some challenging times that have helped your love to strengthen, now is the moment to share a meaningful memory. Overcoming obstacles together is already a declaration of love and commitment.

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Commit your memories to paper

Once you have gathered some touching memories, you can write these down on paper. Think about these past events and begin to prioritize them. While doing that, start to write everything down about why you love your partner. You will use this information to make your marriage proposal special.

What are her funny characteristics that you find so endearing? What is it that you feel you love most about her and why do you feel you are the ideal man to be at her side for life? Make a list of why she is the best woman for you, and why you want to spend the rest of your life with her.

Develop your proposal speech framework

You should have more than enough information to create a basic framework for that wedding proposal. Every good writing job includes a beginning. This beginning must have a hook that makes her laugh or cry, or both. Follow your introduction by building the primary body of the speech and round it off with the conclusion.

You have gathered all the details in the first 3 steps above to include in your framework. Now, you just need to put everything together in a coherent way. Decide whether you want your speech to be funny or meaningful. You know each other well enough to appreciate which tone will encourage the ideal response.

Keep it sweet and short

It’s not a big deal if you have planned to give that wedding proposal speech on a tropical vacation or while standing on the wings of an airplane, just keep it short. Short and sweet is easy to remember.

succinct speech will attract less outside attention from others who will want to interrupt you for fun; and you can put that ring on her finger much more quickly.

Try to keep your speech to under 3 minutes for the best results. Of course, you can write a 5-page letter that you can give to the love of your life in special packaging for later enjoyment. The point is that your proposal must be easy to memorize and memorable for her. That’s our recommendation for a successful outcome.

Start strong and end with a bang

Make your beginning strong. Catch her attention quickly. Make sure the environment will have as few opportunities as possible for interruptions. She will pretty quickly cotton on to your intention if you plan on going down on one knee for the ultimate romantic gesture, so give her a moment.

Once you see that she has recovered, start your speech. Make sure that your final question for her to marry you and spend the rest of your lives together, has the moment it deserves.

Practice to get it right

You’ve made a lot of effort to write the perfect proposal speech. Now is a good time to practice what you’ve written by saying the words aloud. Do this at your mirror and repeat the words until you’ve memorized them. Repeat them until you are probably saying them in your sleep.

Being confident with your words when proposing, is a sure-fire way to make a lasting impression and get the answer you want. Considering that is the response you’re hoping for – going the extra mile is not too much to ask to perfect your speech now.


There are quite a few thoughts and ideas here for how you can write your ideal marriage proposal. Writing your own speech is just one more way of demonstrating your commitment. Everyone needs a little help at times, but this is one speech that should come from the heart, and be entirely your own.


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