An invitation to learn about…invitations

Your wedding invitations are important.  But you know as much about wedding invitations as I know about having a dad bod.  (Okay, I know a LOT about having a dad bod….)

You want your wedding invitations to be perfect.  But where do you start?

Us Millennials are the electronic generation.  We spent our entire lives trying to AVOID paper.   We love electronic storage devices. We “always think twice and consider the environment before printing an email.” And we don’t know what it was like to read the news on folded paper…the day after it happened.

Free Samples of My Wedding Invitations

Technology has infiltrated all aspects of our lives, including weddings.

There are so many modern conveniences, and soooo many cool new things for your wedding that were never available before. (You can even have your own bobblehead custom made for your cake topper…and you don’t even have to be a professional sports star!)

But one of the few things that hasn’t changed is the tradition of sending a paper wedding invitation.

Sure, you could send an e-vite or an email, or some sort of other electronic invitation.  They work for some people, which is great.

But others may want something more.  Something traditional, something to hold.  Something that will be handled, read, touched and felt by your closest friends and relatives as you announce your wedding.

So where do you start?

Like anything else, you want a quality product from a company that you trust.

So why not start with a company you’ve probably heard of, and possibly even used before?

You may have used Shutterfly to print pictures or even create a photo book (Happy birthday mom, here’s a book of photos of me!)

But did you know that they also have an entire division dedicated to wedding invitations and wedding stationery?  Which you can see by clicking here.

You can browse the latest trends, see what others are creating, and create your own custom invites and wedding stationery.

Order Free Samples of Wedding Invites

They been featured in The Knot, Brides, Glamour, HuffPost Weddings and Martha Stewart Weddings (Martha has the inside info on EVERYTHING).

They are beautiful and easy.  You can even order a free sample to see and feel the quality for yourself.

A wedding invitation is a tangible expression of your love of one another.

Electronic invites will be deleted and forgotten about.  But a paper invite can be kept, and serve as a reminder of your special day and your love for one another.

And like my dad bod, it will never go away…..


Click here to start creating your wedding invites and stationery:


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