August is Here!

I’ll be honest, August is one of my favorite months! When planning a wedding, sometimes summer can be a little bit of a wild card, you never know what the weather can be like. One morning it can be sunny and beautiful, but by late afternoon the weather can be hot and muggy; humidity ruining the vibe completely.  For the readers that live in Wisconsin, I’m sure that you can relate to those hot and humid days when you forget to leave your car windows cracked, only to return hours later to a gust of hot air overwhelming your mind and body. Besides taking chances and spinning the wheel for a probability of humidity, there’s also rain and cloudy days. Every July, it almost seems like mother nature is rolling a dice: odds play rain, evens play shine. But there is always a 50/50 chance of how the day plays out.

Though August screams an ending to summer, it almost seems like no one really appreciates the warm, vibrant scene that summertime brings until August approaches. The scent of a smoky bonfire as the sun descents and the moon rises to it’s highest point. The fresh, crisp air in the early morning as you head off to work to start the day right. The beautiful wildflowers that come into bloom, the perfect setting for a wedding in full set. This month doesn’t only symbolize the end of summer, but the beginning of beauty, the ending of a great year, the beginning of holidays and happiness to share. Family and friends can make this month special, and I can’t think of a better time to celebrate the marriage of a perfect and fun-loving couple!

Let the aroma of August warm the hearts of many. The smell of burning leaves and freshly cut grass in the mid day. Let the warm and bright colors flower and shine within your bridesmaids dresses. Lets the natural beauty of the months wildflowers highlight in the arrangements surrounding your wedding. And let the weather, the perfect August weather bless a beautiful day for your marriage to happen.

August is a beautiful month, and a perfect time to celebrate a happy wedding. Thanks for reading, Happy August!

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