Adventure Awaits After The Wedding!

After a night of romance and a beautiful wedding, an exciting honeymoon is right around the corner! There are so many wonderful destinations to choose from: Paris, Scotland, the Caribbean and Rio, and many more. But with so many destinations to choose from, why just settle for one when there are so many places to explore?

Whether taking a road trip through the states or exploring Europe and its many countries, the perfect honeymoon can be decided. But only after discussing with their partner what kind of adventure their willing to have, they can use a travel planner and plan an exciting journey.

List it, Discuss it, Plan it!

Take a seat with your husband and list all the qualities and factors you want in the perfect honeymoon. Are you both looking for a mountain hiking adventure, or a warm, tropical exploration? Do you want to swim with the majestic dolphins or go fishing on an open lake in a country setting? Whether you are a very active couple that likes to explore, or more chill and are looking for a spa day, remember to also consult with a tour planner. You never know what these experts have up their sleeves when it comes to planning the perfect honeymoon.

Ground, Sky, Or On The Waves

Once you have a destination, discuss the best way to travel. Let’s say that you and your husband are choosing to explore Spain. Discuss if you want to fly to Spain and stay in one area, or rent a car and explore multiple areas. In this case, it’s time to crack out the map and plan your tour across the country. If you and your husband do decide to travel to multiple countries within the continent, then prices can very and your honeymoon time frame needs to be sorted.


After all the planning, it’s time to take out a calculator and figure out your budget and total expenses. Take into consideration the cost of your total flight, travel expenses, food, entertainment and souvenirs. Have an idea of how much you want to spend, this will give you insights about where you might want to go, how you want to travel and how many days you can spend on your honeymoon.

Your honeymoon is a time for stress-free fun and romance after all the hard work of planning your wedding. Don’t let the word “honeymoon” over stress you and over complicate things. If replacing this word with “vacation” or “weekend get away” helps you and your fiance plan a fun trip, then leave it at that. Because your honeymoon is suppose to be fun, so don’t let stress get in your way. Also, after an amazing wedding and a fantastic honeymoon, money definitely can be a concern. Check out our blog: How To Refurnish Your Assets After “I Do”. 

Wedding Vibe wishes you newlyweds the best of luck on planning your honeymoon adventure. Thank you for all your support and for allowing us to help you through your wedding and onward through life!


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