“Beauty is my Business”

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. But how is the best way to do it? It’s a simple question to ask, however many brides struggle to find the right answer. Is the figurative bulb hovering above losing it’s light? The electricity isn’t going out today, because I am the electrician fixing the problem.

Beauty is my Business

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Once a bride or someone in the bridal party contacts me, I always bring up a makeup trial. Some gals want to practice, others want to save some money. But in this blog I want to give future brides a list of helpful things to consider before a trial:

First off most trials are NOT free. The reason is because artist have to pay expenses/ taxes and not to mention someone could get their makeup done and never call again. Artist look to make a living and as fun as makeup is it isn’t a hobby it’s their career.

If an artist says she does do free trials, she may be very new at makeup or may add the fee into the bride’s price for the final bill.

When going to a bridal trial, take any images of what you would like to have done. Texture/shades of shadows, color ideas for lips and photos of your dress and accessories also might help.

Make sure you have your brows shaped prior and any other facial waxing services. This will help your makeup look complete.

Take someone you trust with you. Pictures from your bathroom sent after from a cell phone won’t do the makeup justice.

Plan how much time you will be at the trial; don’t rush the process.

Communicate with your makeup artist. It might be an easy fix to what is bothering you if you’re not satisfied.

Don’t expect a few different styles of makeup on the trial. There is generally one idea and then tweaked from there.

Make sure the makeup you want is practical to your facial features.

The artist may have suggestions; keep an open mind.

Make sure you sign a contact and ask what happens if the artist is sick.

If you don’t do a trial send over a photo of yourself in makeup to the artist before the wedding and discuss over the phone any expectations.

Discuss exit times for the bridal party so a timeline can be made on the wedding day.

On the wedding day never be the last one getting makeup applied. You will feel rushed and you will be needed for photos before you head out to the ceremony.  Consider this in your timeline.

Your wedding day should be a dream come true. Make sure you find an artist that fits your style and if she is amazing, the BOOK HER! Don’t wait because amazing artists get booked almost a year in advance and if you call back she might be unavailable.

Good luck ladies, and hopefully this article was helpful to you!


Karen Siat Lauria 


“Beauty is my Business” 

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