“Open When” Letter Ideas

Aloha Newlyweds! Isn’t the married life amazing? Waking up every morning knowing that you are not his girlfriend, not his fiance, but his wife! Just the sound of being called “wifey” has this sweet sound to it, don’t you think? Anyways, lets get to the point. The magic of being married has gone and passed, so how do you keep the light glowing bright after saying I Do?

Every couple loves to filled with love and joy. And all throughout life every couple has their ups and downs. Changes and unexpectedness happens within the snap of ones fingers, so how do you prepare for all of life’s precious moments?

Open When Letters

An “Open When” Letter is like a little surprise waiting to happen. Through the good and bad, your partner has written a letter to help you through it all. But, when would be the appropriate time and moment to write a letter?

Take a night to plan out all the moments and life changes you want to prepare your partner for, for when the time comes. Then, begin to write what you want your partner to read for when the time comes. This is perfect to start just before the marriage, an Open When letter for the time right before you say I Do. If your starting your letters as newly weds, then here are a few example letters to write to your spouse:

Open When: We’re 1 Year Married

Celebrating 1 year of marriage is a beautiful moment. To read a letter from the year before when you and your husband were first marriage will bring back memories of that wonderful day, refreshing the mind of the love you two share.

Open When: We’re Pregnant!

It is psychologically proven that if a women looks up to her father, then she will search for similar qualities in a future husband. When she looks at the man she loves, she wants to see a future father to her child. Let him know what an amazing parent he will be, and how proud you are to be sharing this moment and starting a family with this miraculous man.

Open When: We’ve Had Our First Fight

Not every letter is going to be directed towards an amazing life moment. Sometimes fights happen and couples don’t see eye to eye. But if the fight is too big for barriers, then it could mean an ending to a great fairy tale. Remind your partner why you both fell in love with each other, and how even though things have gone south in this particular moment, your love with shine through and help you both make it through this bump in the road.

Open When: I’ve Been Gone For Too Long

Sometimes our career gets the best of us. You never know when your job requires for your to travel or when a business trip takes longer than expected. Write a letter to your loved one about how much you miss them, and how before they know it you’ll be back in their arms, feeling the warmth from their body warm your own.

Open When: I’m Driving You Crazy

Ladies, let’s admit it. Sometimes we get too clingy and our men need their space. We’re so filled with love and joy that sometimes it’s overwhelming. Give him his space, but give him a letter letting him know that you understand and that it’s okay. That you love and that you’ll be waiting for him once he’s had his guys night out.

P.S. It’s not a bad thing when this happens! Every couple needs their space and a friend night out is most definitely required for both parties. But remember, by the end of the night, he’ll probably feel bad because he needed space and will be falling into your arms once he walks through that front door.

Open When: Your Stressed About Money

Finances is one of the biggest enemies of relationships. Most likely when a relationship ends, it has to do with money and the stress that comes with it. Through better or worse, your love will shine through. You don’t need to be living in a mansion in order to live a long and happy life. Tell your partner that money isn’t everything, and let him know that as long as you both are happy with what you have, then money isn’t everything the world has to offer. Stability is great, happiness is forever, and love is the balance beam keeping both parties on the same level.

“Open When’s” can mean many different situations, but here are a few to get you started. Hopefully you enjoyed this interested article. Thanks for reading!

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