Fall Delicacies for a September Wedding

Fall is right around the corner, which means that the season is taking a turn of events. The colors are changing, the aromas and the taste; once the summer comes to an end, fall is heading in with full impact. Embrace the change and celebrate fall by incorporating the best delicacies into your wedding!

Fall is spread out into 3 fabulous months: September, a beautiful month where schools open-heartedly take your children off your hands. October, the month that scary movie lovers, children, and dentist look forward too. Lastly, but certainly not least is November, where we are thankful for family, friends, and a table full of food that will eventually make you gain the weight you lost over the summer. Because fall is captured differently and uniquely within these 3 months, it is only fair that the delicacies I have prepared for you are spread out as well.  So forget about the full force fall have to offer, because within this article we are only going to focus on one month, one delicacy:….


This colorful, fiber-filled fruit can be made into MANY dishes for your wedding. Now before we continue, why apples? Well for one, September is the season of apple picking. It is so common that it would be odd to not feature apples as an image of September. If this information isn’t enough to change your thoughts, then let’s look at it in a different direction. School starts in September, and as children we are excited to start the school year fresh and new. We have new friends, new classes, and want to make a good impression on the new teachers. Stereo-typically, what do you give the teacher on the first day of school to symbolize the beginning of a good year? Did you picture an apple? Okay, enough about school, it’s time to focus on your wedding!

Is your wedding outdoors, with a chilly breezy as the sun starts to set? Well don’t be alarmed, because your guests will survive the night with a warm glass of apple cider! It’s different, it’s unique, and it’s definitely seasonal. Your guests will love this touch you incorporated because they will be able to stay warm during the ceremony with this enjoyable delicacy. Now, I have a question for you: Do you like aromatherapy? By adding a cinnamon stick to the apple cider, the combination of the 2 scents stimulate a sense of relaxation throughout ones mind and body. This drink not only warms the body physically, but also warms the mind with a fixated sense and imagery of home. The scent also produces the mood of good feeling and positive energy, which will be transferred on to a good wedding experience.

What if your wedding is indoors and you still want warm and delicious apple cider? Apple cider is perfect whether your wedding is indoors or out, but also consider turning this innocent and homey delicacy into a signature mixed drink. Having a mixed drink will show off your personality, keep the seasonal vibe and differentiate your wedding from many others.

Enough about Drinks, Now to Food

Not an apple cider lover? Well then spice up your cocktail hour with mini apple turn overs. These finger foods are perfect for your guest to nibble on before the dinner while also keeping the theme of fall lively. Another idea you could incorporate are mini apple pies that could be made using a cupcake pan. Like my grandma always says: Once a women owns a cupcake pan, the possibles are endless and the creations are quite interesting!

Want to be creative with a desert station? We’ve all heard of a create-your-own s’more station and a nacho bar, but what about a caramel apple station? Have a station where guests can dip apple slices into caramel, marshmallow or chocolate. Also provide fall sprinkles, nuts, chocolate chips and anything else your heart desires. Children will love this creative touch and guests will go home remembering the unique desert station you had at your wedding!

Table Food

Think about it: How many weddings have you been to that have had food already at your table before dinner was served? Want to be the bride that is set to impress? Here’s a simple way to get the job done: Homemade Apple Chips!  Firstly, preheat your oven to 225 degrees F. Cut an apple into slices and lay them flat onto a metal baking sheet. Then, sprinkle sugar and cinnamon over the apple slices, giving them a little magic touch. Lastly, bake for an hour or until the edges of the slices curly. Presto! Now you have a seasonal table food your guests will enjoy!

We have covered drinks, cocktail hour, desert and even table food. Now it’s time to be a mama bird and push the kiddos out of the nest, allowing them to spread their wings and fly into the world on their own. You’ve got the list, and September is rolling around the corner. So make sure to let this blog be your support for your fall wedding. Let your personality and creativity shine with these September delicacies, and don’t worry. October and November has it’s own fall delicacies, so stay tuned for the recipes that are yet to come!

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