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How To Get a Full Night Sleep Before Wedding Day

Let’s all be honest; you’re probably not going to get enough sleep the night before your big day. I did my wedding five years ago, and I can tell you that it’s almost impossible! Of course, the problem is that we give ourselves too many issues to deal with, from arranging guest lists to planning the wedding timeline.

Recently, I visited try mattress – expert mattress reviews and discovered how much we deny our bodies enough sleep. So, here, I would like to talk about how to get a full night’s rest before you walk down the aisle.

Make Sure You Get Enough Sunlight

Every morning, try to get at least 15 minutes of daylight. Even if it’s cloudy, by just going outside, the small ultraviolet rays you get are good for your health. I found that the sun is known for resetting our internal clock or what we commonly like to call the circadian rhythm. You might not even realize it, but this plays a huge role in giving you peaceful sleep throughout the night.

Wind Down

Do you have a wind-down type of routine? If not, then you should consider making one. Here, you should switch off your emails, dim the lights and maybe listen to some soothing tunes. It’s the best way of disengaging from the world. Most importantly, by dimming the lights, you’re telling the brain that it’s time to sleep. I’ve discovered that just switching from bright light to total darkness will not give you the sleep you need!

Start Exercising

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As you plan your wedding, do not forget to exercise! I’ve read a lot of health reports which say that people who work out regularly sleep comfortably. Whether it’s an early morning jog, a late-night yoga class, or some meditation before you sleep, you’ll still give your body the rest that it needs before your wedding day.

Avoid Taking Caffeine Before Bed

I’m not saying that you have to throw away your coffee maker. However, I would advise you to switch to decaf and avoid soda, some teas and chocolate, especially past 4 pm. Other health reports may even recommend that you stop taking caffeine as early as 2 pm. You may not realize this, but caffeine affects how you fall asleep and how you stay asleep.

Avoid Alcohol

Always put your bachelorette parties two days before your wedding. Why? Well, it’s not advisable to take even a few glasses of wine before going to bed. Although you might fall asleep quickly, you’ll end up waking up in between the night because of feeling either dehydrated or as you try to rush to the bathroom.

Switch Off All Your Electronics

The blue light found on phones and tablets usually tells the brain that it’s daytime. So, before you go to sleep, logout from social media platforms, emails and end all chats. I found that these platforms play a massive part in jolting you back into a position of anxious wakefulness. If you think that you can go from working or chatting with friends to falling asleep, you’re wrong! You’ll realize that it’s hard to switch from doing something engaging while awake to falling asleep straight away.

Remember to Soothe Yourself

Before your wedding day, make sure that your body is fully relaxed. I know that this might sound impossible but interestingly, you don’t have to do a lot to relax your body. Start by taking a cold shower or a hot bath before bed. This increases your body temperature before it dramatically drops. What this does is that it tells your body you’re ready to go to sleep. You can even add some lavender to your bath to let the calming effect sink in!

Weddings are colorful occasions which we all love. But preparing for such an event is not always a simple process. As you can see, we tend to forget about sleep which is arguably the most crucial factor in your preparation. Keep in mind that you don’t want to feel drowsy as you ‘tie the knot!’ By following these simple sleeping tricks, you’ll quickly fall asleep and enjoy a comfortable night’s rest before your big day!

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