Beyond the Tux: Alternative Groom Fashion Trends We Love

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Delve into a realm where tradition takes on a modern twist, inviting all the daring grooms-to-be onto an unconventional sartorial journey. 

This blog post will explore the exciting world of alternative men’s wedding wear for those who have decided to go beyond the familiar tuxedo. Be prepared to redefine groom fashion as we unveil some of our favorite knockout trends that are as unique as your love story and designed to make you stand out on your big day! 

Prepare to break the mold and steal the spotlight in style, because matrimony should never mean monotony. 

Alternative Groom Trends Beyond Tuxedos

In recent years, grooms have been experimenting with more unconventional options for their wedding attire. The traditional black-and-white tuxedo is no longer the only option. Contemporary grooms are embracing bolder choices, from colorful suits to unique prints and patterns. These alternative trends offer the modern groom a chance to showcase his personality and style. Let’s explore some of these trends further.

groom wearing bold color

Choosing Bright and Unconventional Colors

When it comes to wedding fashion, bright and unconventional colors are increasingly becoming popular among grooms. Instead of sticking to neutral shades such as black, navy blue or white, grooms are branching out into other hues like blush pink, deep burgundy, emerald green, bright red and even mustard yellow. Bold shades work well for all seasons and lend an air of confidence to the groom’s overall look.

For instance, a summer wedding with a Hawaiian cultural theme would warrant bold colors that match the elements of the surroundings: turquoise blue suits for coastal weddings or coral-colored linen summer suits for garden weddings under the heat of the sun.

When choosing a bright color combo, keep it simple with a basic solid color for the suit and complementary colors in accessories such as ties or pocket squares. If you want to make a bolder statement, consider patterned suits like stripes or checks to strike a balance between style and subtlety.

Think of your outfit as a painting; bold colors are your primary hues set against neutrals (such as white), which act as your underpaintings.

It’s often tempting to stick with what’s tried-and-true when it comes to wedding attire but going for brighter colors is a way to express individuality while still looking dapper on your big day.

groom wearing checkered suit with his bride

Prints and Patterns: A Bold Statement

Wedding fashion may have traditionally been all about the bride’s dress, but a new era in men’s wedding attire has arrived. Grooms are now taking more risks in their fashion choices than ever before, and one area of experimentation is the style of suits or tuxedos they opt for.

Exploring Non-Traditional Fabrics

One way to punctuate your wedding look with something different is by adding prints or patterns to your ensemble. This could be an excellent alternative for men looking for a less formal look without compromising on presentation. Patterns such as stripes or checks are popular choices for suits, while more adventurous grooms can opt for other print styles like florals or embroidered designs. It is important not to overdo it, always keeping in mind that less is often more when it comes to patterns.

The Appeal of Textured Shirts

For most weddings, wool and polyester dominate the groom’s fashion choices; however, non-traditional fabrics such as linen and cotton are gaining popularity among grooms. These fabrics provide the flexibility and breathability required during summer weddings yet give off a relaxed look that embodies easy-going style. Linen suits have a distinct charm while providing comfort even in hot weather conditions. Cotton is another fabric option that brings in color variety, making this fabric perfect for garden weddings or beach weddings. The color range spans from soft pastels to bold earth tones, ensuring ample options for both conservative and avant-garde fashion choices.

Unique Accessories to Elevate the Look

The wedding day is a momentous occasion, not only for the bride but also for the groom. With all eyes on them, it’s important they look their best. While a tuxedo is the traditional choice for grooms, there are other options worth considering. One such alternative is textured shirts. These unique shirts add depth to any outfit and provide an exciting twist beyond the regular white dress shirt.

Texture creates visual interest and can elevate an outfit from ordinary to exceptional. Ranging from subtle to bold patterns, textured shirts offer dimension and contrast that bring diversity to a groom’s attire. From herringbone shirts to twill shirts, the possibilities are endless with various fabrics’ different textures.

Additionally, these versatile pieces translate well into a wardrobe beyond the wedding day, making them a practical investment.

Expressing Personality with Bow-Ties

While grooms may opt for a classic suit or tuxedo, accessories can add flair and personalize their look further. Accessories function both aesthetically and practically; watches help manage time, while cufflinks ensure sleeves stay in place.

A bow tie provides an unmistakable vintage flair that undoubtedly turns heads. Historically worn by intellectuals, bow ties now come in an array of colors and sizes suitable for any style or personality type. The size of the bow tie, its shape, and its material all play a part in personalization as well.

For those aiming for something unconventional, consider unconventional ring designs and statement bracelets that add striking detail when chosen carefully.

For instance, some of the best men’s accessories for 2024 include:

BraceletsMetallic or beaded bracelets work with suits or casual outfits.
ChainsVersatile stainless steel chains ranging from curb chain to figaro chain
WatchesSimplistic designs match elegant styles, while detailed skeleton watches are popular.
Suit accessoriesTies, bow ties, pocket squares, cufflinks, tie clips, and lapel pins complement classy suits.
RingsA stylish addition to any outfit. Masculine options are available for various styles.
SunglassesNeutral-colored sunglasses like aviators or wayfarers add instant style.

Regardless of the accessory or style selected, always aim to look comfortable and confident during your wedding day. Accessories should not constrain or impede movement but should instead elevate the look.

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