Bridesmaid Dresses: Matching vs. Mismatched – Pros and Cons

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You don’t have to climb Mount Everest in stilettos to find the right dresses for your bridesmaids. This complete guide is meant to give every bride-to-be the tools she needs to choose between the classic elegance of matching gowns and the currently popular style of bridesmaid dresses that don’t match. 

In this article, we’ll talk about the pros and cons of both choices so that you can make that important decision with style and confidence.

Distinguishing Matching and Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

As a bride, one important decision you will have to make is choosing what type of dresses your bridesmaids will wear. The two main options available are matching and mismatched dresses. Matching dresses refer to selecting the same dress style, fabric, and color for all bridesmaids, while mismatched refers to allowing each bridesmaid to choose their own unique dress.

This choice can be likened to picking between a symphony orchestra where everyone looks and sounds the same or a jazz band that allows for individuality in improvisation.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Matching Bridesmaid Dresses

Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of opting for matching bridesmaid dresses:

Aesthetic Appeal and TraditionUnexpected opinion disparities amongst bridal parties
CohesionDifficulty accommodating different sizes and styles


Pros: The most significant advantage of choosing a matching design is that it results in effortless cohesion amongst the bridal party. With minimal effort required on your part, uniform outfits are easier to put together and less challenging to shop for.

Cons: On the other hand, depending on how strict you are about maintaining uniformity across different sizes, shapes, and styles of bridesmaids, it could very quickly end up becoming one of the more challenging fashion decisions that you will make. You may have to deal with disappointed bridesmaids who don’t fit into the dress selected, especially if they have a unique frame.

Aesthetic Appeal and Tradition

Matching bridesmaid dresses have been a tradition since ancient Rome, while non-matching dresses have become a popular trend among modern brides. Brides who choose matching dresses are looking for an aesthetically pleasing look with symmetry in their wedding photos. They also uphold tradition at the wedding ceremony. On the other hand, those who opt for mismatched dresses aim to allow their girls to express individuality and personality while achieving a cohesive look.

For instance, if the bride chooses to have all her bridesmaids wear long green dresses to match the groom’s suit as part of the tradition, non-matching dresses could entail wearing different shades of green depending on individual preference, which helps each one feel comfortable and happy with their respective choices.

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Pros and Cons of Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

In recent years, more and more brides have chosen mismatched bridesmaid dresses. This involves bridesmaids wearing different dresses in the same color palette or style to create a unique and personalized look. While this trend has become increasingly popular, there are some pros and cons to consider before opting for it on your big day.

Mismatched bridesmaid dresses are like a puzzle; each piece is different but comes together to create a beautiful picture.

Individual Expression and Variety

One of the significant benefits of having mismatched bridesmaid dresses is that each person can choose the dress that suits their style and body type best. Gone are the days when every bridesmaid wore an identical, unflattering dress. Instead, each girl can express her personality through her attire while still fitting in with the overall wedding theme. Additionally, having various styles means that each dress will fit differently, creating an overall cohesive look while flattering every figure.

Cohesion Concerns

Cohesion is a key concern for any bride contemplating mismatched bridesmaid dresses. While the idea of having your bridal party dress in unique styles and colors is intriguing, ensuring that everything comes together harmoniously can be challenging. The last thing you want is to create a disjointed look that distracts from the inherent beauty of your wedding day.

An excellent way to ensure cohesion is by selecting a unifying element within the ensembles. It may be as simple as using one type of fabric or color, metallic accents, jewelry, or footwear. It’s all about striking the correct balance between contrast and continuity.

That said, here are some guidelines for achieving successful mismatched bridesmaid dresses.

Guidelines for Achieving Successful Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

Firstly, it would help if you had a clear vision for the overall aesthetic you hope to achieve so that your bridesmaids can make informed decisions regarding their attire. Don’t forget that it’s still your big day and not just an opportunity for your bridesmaids to wear whatever they desire.

Next, consider providing guidelines on the dress length, level of formality, and color palette to help streamline things. You may opt to assign specific colors to each bridesmaid or provide flexibility in color choice.

It would also be helpful to provide examples of mix-and-match bouquets and outfit combinations beforehand, creating a visual reference point for everyone involved.

For instance, bridesmaids could wear dresses within the same color family with different patterns or textures, such as glitter or beadwork. They could also wear dresses with different necklines made from similar fabrics or varying lengths in shades of the primary color scheme selected.

Finally, communicate openly throughout the process; group chat or email threads are great ways for bridesmaids to coordinate without cluttering their inboxes.

Think of creating successful mismatched bridesmaid dresses as baking a cake; you need the right ingredients and recipe to achieve the desired outcome.

Color Coordination and Dress Approval Process

The dress approval process involves ensuring every bridesmaid’s selection aligns with the overall vision while still showcasing individual personalities and preferences. 

Having some structure in place is key to navigating this process. Below are some tips on how to ensure all the dresses chosen follow a set standard of coordination:

Set clear guidelines.Rather than give free rein to choose any dress, set specific parameters like fabric type or length.
Provide examplesShare mood boards on Pinterest or create an album on your phone as an example of what you’re looking for.
Encourage communicationEmphasize open communication among bridesmaids about the styles they intend to wear before making purchases for them.

Providing clear guidelines often eases anxiety and makes it easier for everyone involved to decide on a dress. One way of doing this is by giving specific parameters, such as fabric type or length.

Another thing to consider in the dress approval process is how much say you have in what your bridesmaids wear. Some feel strongly about being able to choose their dresses without much interference, while others are okay with little guidance.

While it’s essential to accommodate your bridesmaids’ varying preferences, too much freedom could result in clashing and inconsistent looks that detract from the wedding’s overall aesthetic. Strive for balance by providing examples and guidelines without stifling personal expression entirely.

In summary, adopting a color coordination mindset when choosing bridesmaid dresses will help you make decisions that fit within your wedding’s theme. Ensure you set up a structure for the dress approval process and encourage open communication among bridesmaids. By implementing these tips, you can create a harmonious yet personal look for your special day.

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