Cheaper Wedding? Yes Please!

Simple Ways To Save For the Day

Save, save save is my forte! There are so many simple ways that brides can save not only hundreds, but THOUSANDS on their big day. Wanna know the secrets to money saving success? Then stay on the page and read what we have have to say!

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First, The Budget

Before you can even start to save, you need to set a budget. So take out a pen and paper, talk to your fiance and once the magically number is written down in permanent ink, then we can begin.

You already have a budget? Okay, let’s go straight to the tips then.

Flowers in Season

Flowers by far are going to be one of the most expensive things on your list. If you’re going to use real flowers, try to stick to whats in season. If you choose a flower that isn’t in season, then it will cost more due to transportation costs getting and making your arrangements. Also, another trick you could do to save money is by moving the decor from the ceremony to the reception. This will save you costs on extra flowers and is a simple switch-a-roo to do.

Don’t Say Wedding Cake!

There are a few things you can do with this simple trick. For one, when your getting a cake, don’t say its for your wedding. By simply classifying the cake as a wedding cake will raise the prices by double the amount. You can easily have your cake done fore half the price and then for the wedding, add a cake topper.

Another thing you can do is not serve cake to your guests. Instead of making a gigantic cake for 200+ people, consider having a small cake for just you and your husband, and a desert table for the guests.

Say No to a DJ

Hiring a DJ can cost approximately between $150-400. Take advantage of the technology under your finger tips now a days and be your own DJ! Create your own music playlist for the wedding and hook up your device to a sound speaker. There’s no better way to dance away the night than to your own tunes!

Get a “White Dress”

Wedding dresses run between $1000- having to take out a second mortgage on your house. I understand that this is probably going to be the most important dress you’ll ever wear, but $1000 is already crazy expensive for a once in a lifetime dress. Be smart with your shopping and think: What makes wedding dresses so expensive? The quality? The person who made it? Or is it just the word “Wedding” that determines the price tag. When your shopping for a dress, remember that any white dress can be a wedding dress, and any dress can be made in white. By getting a “non” wedding dress, yo can find amazing dresses from dirt cheap – maybe $500 with the same class and elegance as that $10,000 you don’t even want to try on.

There are so many ways to save money on your big day, but by paying attention to these 4 main expensive factors, your wedding will stay within budget and reason!

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