Halloween Ideas for Newlyweds

Trick or treat?

This article is no trick! We may not be handing out candy this Halloween, but let me tell you, these costume ideas for Newlyweds will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth!

Do you love Halloween? Well then listen up ladies! Do you remember that beautiful wedding gown that you thought you were only going to wear once? Well guess what, we found a solution! On Halloween night, you have the ability to dress up as anything you want. So here are a few costume ideas on how you can reuse your wedding dress and have the best costume at the party!

Tim Burton

We all know who Tim Burton is. He brings his chilling and hypnotic visions into movies and moderation. For those of you who are like myself, we just can’t get enough of his work! This Halloween, why not try to be a Tim Burton character! You and your husband can be a cute couple and dress up as Tim Burton’s “The Corpse Bride” or as The White Queen and the Mad Hatter from Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland”. Both costume ideas will allow you and your husband to wear your marriage clothing again, but with a wild touch up!


Once upon a time, there was a boy and a girl that fell madly in love with each other. It was love at first sight and before you knew it, they were happily engaged and in the process of planning the best day of their life. Time flew, and the day had finally come. After saying “I Do”, guests were roaring and rice went flying. She was gleaming, he was smiling, and they couldn’t have been happier. But then, tragedy struck as they were on their way to the reception. Love is eternal, until death do they part. However in this story, love thrived even as they stared into the light. And now, in the after life, their story continues as a ghostly couple. Will this be you and your husband on Halloween night? With whimsical movements and pure white auras.

Angel & Devil

If he’s a bad boy and your a sweetheart, then what better way to show off your personalities than by dressing up as an angel and devil? Strap on those beautiful, featured wings and wear your elegant wedding dress while he looks dashing in a suit and devil horns. You know what they say: opposites attract and bad boys are tempting. Let your good nature influence his decisions tonight.

Zombie Bride & Groom

If you partied hard at the wedding and are already thinking about trashing your wedding dress, then go all the way before letting it be unwearable. If you and your husband are zombie fans, then live your dream of being a zombie bride and groom on Halloween night! I’ll admit, I love to dress up cute on Halloween, but being a zombie is one of my favorite costumes. You can be creative with your work: rat your hair, get creative with sticks and leaves, play with red paint, tear the fabric. Basically, you WANT to look bad. So its more fun when trying to make your costume because there’s no fuss when you make a mistake.

Frankenstein & His Bride

You can’t forget about the classics! You and your husband will definitely have fun with this costume idea. Especially because it gives you more opportunities to play with costume make up!

Hopefully some of these ideas struck your inner child. Thanks for reading, and Happy Halloween!

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