What’s Your Bling?

What Type of Jewelry Should You Wear On Your Wedding Day?

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Well, hello there lucky ladies and soon to be brides! As the big day approaches, all the details start to fall into place. But for today, lets focus on one main detail that doesn’t hit the spotlight all too often: Jewelry.

With over a hundred things to consider for the wedding, jewelry it overlooked by many people. Let’s be honest ladies, with a white dress, it’s kinda easy to just pick and choose a simple, elegant necklace for the occasion. But what many people don’t come to realize is that your necklace isn’t just a prop item. Sometimes, just by adding a necklace can either boost a brides confidence, make them feel more beautiful and even  change the entire feel of the dress overall.

Things to Consider

Think of your necklace as your lucky charm for the day. Not only should your necklace be a finish to your bridal masterpiece, but it should also be a statement piece representing who you are. Some of the things you should definitely consider when choosing a necklace is the size, shape, cut, stone, color and symbolism.


When considering the size of your necklace, consider the size of your personality. Are you an energetic person, have a wild side, are unique and/or love to be “Big” and out there? Or are you a sweet and delicate flower that is quiet and simple? Every personality is beautiful in its own way, but the size of necklace can represent a statement to your inner colors.

Shape & Cut

When considering the shape and cut of the necklace, try to think about two things: Your engagement ring and wedding theme. Looking at your wedding decisions, what is the overall shape? think about the decor, centerpieces, arrangements and flowers. I know that it’s weird to consider, but every bride has an over shape to her wedding. Some brides prefer boxed centerpieces, picture frames and sharp, floral arrangements. This brides theme would be squares, rectangles and diamonds. If a bride flows more with draping sheets, candles, loose floral arrangements and ribbons, then you would be more of a circular, oval & teardrop bride. When considering the cut of the jewels, refer back to your engagement ring. Having the same cut as your engagement ring would make both pieces similar, uniform, and would narrow your options to finding the right piece.

Stone & Color

When considering what kind of stone you would like to wear, know that it doesn’t have to be diamond white. It’s your wedding day, so do what you want, remember that everything matches with white, and consider your birthstone.

Every bride has a birth stone, it just all depends on what month you were born in. When thinking about gemstones, ask yourself if you would like to wear your birth stone on your wedding day, or if you would like to wear the stone for the month of your wedding. Which brings us to color. If you prefer the colors of your wedding over the months gemstone and your own birth stone, then why not try to match the theme? By going this route you at least keep the wedding sharp and uniform.


Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue! This is a tradition that many brides like to follow. If you don’t have anything for something old, borrowed, or blue then why not ask a family member for a helping hand? Not only would you be borrowing a piece from the family, but you would also be making a new memory and keeping a tradition alive!

After all these angles, tips and advice, do you know what’s your bling? Remember to share your personality at your wedding and no matter what piece you wear, I’m sure that you’ll rock it down the aisle.

Thanks for reading, and remember to stay in the Wedding Vibe! 🙂


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