Create a Successful Honeymoon Registry

When Jenny Johnson and John Ericson got married, they didn’t bother registering with the traditional registries. They already lived together, owned a home, and had the household items they needed.

Instead, Jenny and John registered with HoneyLuna, the Honeymoon Registry Service, and received “pieces of their honeymoon” as wedding gifts.

Jenny and John had a very successful honeymoon registry! “Our honeymoon included Spanish Language courses in Cusco and hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru,” says Jenny. “It was so much more fun creating a gift registry that included these experiential gifts we would always remember. Our honeymoon was filled with fantastic adventures we will never forget, and allowed us to tie these special gifts to our loved ones back home.”

Honeymoon registries today are no longer “alternative” and are acceptable wedding registries. Honeymoon registries offer the opportunity for families and friends to give the couple something worth remembering for their honeymoon.

There are several great, reliable honeymoon registry companies that exist today. Look for companies that have secure, easy to use sites for both you and your guests. Check to make sure they are in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and that their sites are secure. Also, do they have an 800# for you and / or your guests to call with any questions. Another feature that is becoming popular is having the gift monies sent directly to your honeymoon hotel. Guests love this feature because they know the money they contribute toward your honeymoon will actually be enjoyed on your honeymoon! Companies such as Honeymoon Wishes have partnered with popular honeymoon resorts such as Sandals, Secrets, Dreams and many Starwood properties in the Caribbean, Latin American and Hawaii and many others to offer this feature. With Honeymoon Wishes, you can choose to have the gift monies sent directly to the property where the funds will be waiting for you as a resort credit.

It is important that the bride and groom (and their close friends, maid of honor and best man) let people know that their honeymoon registry exists and to “educate” their family friends about the concept. This will insure that they have the most successful honeymoon registry possible.

Your honeymoon registry service should provide many tools to help create a successful honeymoon registry and to “get the word out” such as:
Registry announcement postcards to send to family and friends letting them know about your honeymoon registry
Email announcements to send to family and friends letting them know about your honeymoon registry
An easy to use website to for friends and family to view your itemized registry and purchase your gifts.
Ultimately, the bride and groom need to participate in helping make the honeymoon registry successful. Here a few things you can do to create a successful honeymoon registry.

1. Be Creative – Have fun with your registry. Don’t’ just ask for cash – include fun items and activities your friends and family can get excited about.

2. Include Gifts In a Variety of Price Ranges – When creating your registry do include a variety of items in different price ranges. You don’t want to leave anyone out, nor make anyone feel uncomfortable. With a wide variety of price ranges, guests can contribute anywhere from $20 on up – more if they want!

3. Upload a Photo – Upload a photo of the bride and groom to personalize your registry even more.

4. PROMOTE YOUR REGISTRY – Don’t be Shy – PROMOTE YOUR REGISTRY! For a successful registry let everyone know where you are registered. Include registry announcement cards in your engagement letters, shower, and wedding invitations. Advise family members and bridal party of your gift wishes, so that they may be actively involved in communicating directly to your guests. Use email announcements as a follow up close to the wedding date. People DO want to buy you a wedding gift, so you might as well make it as easy for them as possible.

Remember, the more you promote your honeymoon registry, the better your chances of having a successful honeymoon registry. Wouldn’t you rather have some fantastic honeymoon experience as your wedding gift rather than a zebra cookie platter or another turkey baster?

Article submitted by Nancy – founder of HoneyLuna, The Honeymoon Registry Service.  She has helped thousands of newlyweds plan their honeymoons over the past 15 years.

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