Destress your wedding plans over the holidays

The holidays are here, and that is stressful in itself, now when you add planning a wedding it can be enough to send anyone over the edge. Fortunately, there are companies out there that can and will help. You will have everyone and their brother out there telling you what you HAVE to do for your extra special day, PLEASE remember this above all else… IT IS YOUR DAY AND NO ONE ELSES!!!! Sure Granny wants you to have a huge traditional wedding, with you in a 100 foot train; Mom wants you to wear her dress, Dad wants you to spend $1.25 on the whole event, and your friends want to pick your wedding party. It is enough to drive anyone nuts. Just ask yourself these questions:

What do YOU want?

What can YOU afford?

Where do YOU want the ceremony?

Don’t let anyone push you into something you don’t want, it is YOUR wedding after all. You and your partner are the center of attention, it all about YOU and YOUR Partner! The rest of the crowd can either adapt or stay away. If your celebrant or coordinator don’t want to do things the way you want, within reason of course, go with someone else!

So you want to dress up like Robin Hood and Maid Marion for your wedding…. then do it! This is the only time you will get married, hopefully at least, and you want to remember it! Unlike in decades past, there are really no “rules” for getting married anymore, so have fun!

So have a Happy Holiday, no matter how you choose to celebrate it, and remember this is the season of love and you have found that love so be happy!

Submitted by Reverend Paul and Reverend Deb



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