Don’t Bite off More than you can Chew!

DIY in Moderation!
Don’t Bite off More than you can Chew!

I recently noticed a bride had requested input on social media from married friends about what they would have done differently during their wedding planning (great idea!) The overwhelming consensus of the responses was, “Don’t try to DIY everything!” I immediately related to that, as I was one of those brides that got carried away with the DIY. And I think if I had read those comments before my wedding I still probably would have thought, “It will be different for me, I love doing this stuff!” There are so many great ideas on Pinterest, and who doesn’t enjoy a trip to Michaels and some creative expression? But it’s important to really consider the time commitment involved in planning multiple DIY projects for a large wedding and the stress that it can bring on.

My husband and I were on a tight budget and had to keep the catering pretty simple, so we felt like we had to go overboard with the little details.  We were making centerpieces, favors, decorations and place cards the entire week leading up to the wedding, not to mention hauling everything into the venue and setting it up on the actual day of the wedding. We managed to get everything done, but it added a serious amount of stress. In the hours leading up to my wedding I just remember feeling rushed, stressed, and sweaty! I let go and enjoyed myself once the wedding started but I really regret not being able to relax, primp, and enjoy the company of my family and friends beforehand.

Putting your own stamp on your wedding doesn’t have to mean DIY everything. That’s the nice thing about a venue like the Glastonbury Boathouse – you can create your own totally customized menu with the caterers, select your table settings, hire your own DJ or band, create a custom lighting scheme with our AV vendor, and work with a decorator or florist of your choice to create a look that suits your vision. You can have a wedding that is totally unique to you, while still being managed by professionals. We have had very casual weddings with beach blankets and barbeque menus, elegant weddings with gold table settings and filet mignon, and everything in between. No two wedding are alike!

I learned after my wedding that all those little DIY details don’t really make much of a difference. The comments that I still get from my friends and family (more than 5 years later) are about the venue, the food, and the music. Those are the things that make a lasting impression. No one is going to remember all of the hard work that you put into the little things, so it’s not worth stressing over them! And, if you just can’t bear to do without them, then pay a professional or enlist friends to do the bulk of the work – it’s worth it! Your wedding day should be about the two of you celebrating your love with friends and family. Don’t make the mistake of getting wrapped up in the little details and forgetting what really matters! 

Kristen Michaels, Event and Banquet Facility Manager at the Glastonbury Boathouse.

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