How To Get Your Fiance Involved

During childhood it was fun to dress up and pretend like you were a princess getting married to your prince. Now as an adult, the real thing is finally happening and you want it to be the most magical night of your life. Many say that planning a wedding is the most stressful time of someone’s life.  Why? Ladies, let’s admit that at times we like to take charge because we’re afraid that our guys are going to mess it up. Either that, or we have this image of the “perfect wedding” and don’t want anyone to plan it but you. As much as you want to do everything yourself, your only one person and its OK to let others help you throughout this journey. In some cases, however, people have already accepted that they need help, but don’t get the help that’s needed. Is your fiance waiting in the background, only expecting to show up at the wedding and say “I Do?” If you want your man to help you plan the best night of both your lives, then here are a few solutions and suggestions to take into consideration:

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One of the easiest ways to get your fiance involved is by asking him to help you plan out the courses. Bring him with you for cake testing, wine samplings, and ask him about his opinions on what food you two should have served. The reason why most men don’t get involved with the wedding is because they know that this is your perfect day. Since women have had thoughts and ideas about their dream wedding since childhood, they forget about the opinions and thoughts of the fiance. This isn’t meant to victimize men, but is meant to show that men will literally do anything for their true love. Ever heard of the saying “Happy wife, Happy life” or “Happy girl, Happy world?” I think you get the picture. Let your fiance know that his opinion does matter, and asking him about the food and what he thinks is a great way to start.


Don’t care about whether you have a DJ or live band? Then let your fiance make that decision. More than likely you’ll have your own projects to take charge of, so why not take the weight off of your shoulders and let him be incharge of something as well? Simply communicate with your fiance about your budget, discuss the genre of music, the vibe you want for the wedding and let him do the rest.

Wedding Theme

Now, I know that many of us have had an idea about what kind of wedding we’ve always wanted. But have you ever taken into consideration about what your fiances dream wedding would be? Before diving head first into all your ideas and plans, take a second to ask your fiance about what he thinks and what he wants at the wedding. Women are so excited about having their dream wedding that they forget that it isn’t just their wedding, it’s his too. Take a day to discuss what you both want for the wedding and find a compromise to incorporate both of your personalities. Just remember that the wedding shouldn’t speak “The Bride”, but it should tell a story about the love between husband and wife.

Groomsmen Gifts

Having your fiance pick out the gifts for his groomsmen is the easiest way to get him involved. Communicate with him about prices and let him do the rest. When choosing gifts you already have an idea about what gifts you’re going to be giving your leading ladies as a memory of the big day. Let have have the same opportunity when choosing gifts for his leading men.

Remember that this wedding isn’t just about 1 person. You and your fiance are a team, and with teamwork comes success! Goodluck on both of your wedding planning adventure, and hopefully this article was right for you!

Thanks for reading, and remember to get your fiance in the Wedding Vibe! If he’s just as excited as you are about the wedding, maybe he’ll like these articles as well!


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