Dream Honeymoon: 15 most romantic places in the UAE

In the list of the most popular honeymoon destinations, the UAE always takes the highest places, it has been a favorite destination for newlyweds for many years. This is not only because of the development of the country’s tourist infrastructure, but also of the local high standard of living, which is reflected in literally all aspects, from picturesque natural landscapes to incredible modern architecture.

The UAE is certainly not the cheapest place to visit, but absolutely it is worth it. For a romantic vacation, it is better to choose popular cities such as Dubai or Abu Dhabi. These emirates are especially famous for a wide range of entertainment and excellent service.

Speaking of comfort it’s better to think in advance of your way of transport, because if your list of holiday destinations include several cities then you definitely need a car to enjoy the trip.

Lately car rental services have become very popular in the UAE, due to their low prices and impressive selection of rental cars which they provide, it is now extremely easy to book a car. To make your trip memorable you can rent a luxury car instead of a classic one. You will be impressed when you know Bentley SUV price in UAE, because it costs much less than a taxi, plus the mobility and freedom that you get with your rented car can’t be compared with anything else.

1. Arabian desert

What could be more romantic than watching the sunrise together? A hot air balloon flight in the early morning with a view of the rising sun over the desert will not leave you indifferent.

The journey begins almost at night as you must climb to an altitude of 1,000 meters to take a hot air balloon ride. After the flight, you can also enjoy a beautiful morning with a delicious outdoor breakfast, followed by a fascinating safari ride that will introduce you to the wildlife of the desert.

And after the safari you can also stay for dinner in the desert by the fire and watch the sunset. This way you can spend an unforgettable day in the desert together.

2. Burj Khalifa

If you are looking forward to a place where to go on a romantic dinner in the UAE, then Burj Khalifa skyscraper is definitely the best choice. To admire the panorama of Dubai and enjoy the views of the desert and the Palm Jumeirah island, as well as to have dinner at the highest restaurant in the world you need to visit the legendary Burj Khalifa tower.

Each day in the evening, musical fountains arrange enchanting performances at the foot of the skyscraper. It’s one the most beautiful performances in the world and a perfect idea for a romantic date.

3. The Sheik’s Palace

The most magnificent hotel complex in Abu Dhabi, which reminds of a Sheik’s Palace. For tourist guests, the hotel offers a special guided tour. In the lobby of the Emirates Palace there is a detailed layout of the city, which demonstrates the stages of development of Abu Dhabi.

This place is admired by many photographers, so you can order a photo shoot just for the two of you.

4. IMG Worlds of Adventure

For those of you who are keen on cinema and enjoy the atmosphere of joy and fun, IMG Worlds of Adventure is a great place. Visitors are offered to try roller coasters and other breathtaking attractions that were created in honor of the famous Cartoon Network heroes and legendary Marvel superheroes.

On the territory of the park there are many themed shops and cafes, as well as a cinema complex with twelve halls.

5. The Dubai Opera House

If you are interested in arts and especially music then Dubai is certainly a great place for you. The Dubai Opera House has long gained fame as one of the main cultural centers of the Middle East. In addition to opera, you can watch ballet, and musicals.

6. Dubai Miracle Garden

There is probably not a girl who doesn’t like flowers, especially when there are so many of them. Dubai Miracle Garden is a real floral paradise of almost 7 hectares.

The flower park in Dubai is a special place because of its location in a totally dead desert, but it doesn’t stop the flowers from blooming all year round. Take a walk in this garden with a loved one and a great camera, you are certain to be impressed.

7. SPA-center

As you know, the UAE is also famous all over the world for its SPA culture. In this country, more than anywhere else, the importance of taking care of yourself and of your body is valued.

In the SPA centers you can spend all day long, a majority of the spas have couple complexes of treatments, which include several types of massages, as well as a hammam. Spas are a great way to relax the mind and body and spend some time together.

8. Dubai Ski Resort

If you’re tired of the burning sun and the constant daily heat, then it is time to relax and cool down a little. The huge ski resort is located in one of the country’s largest shopping malls – Mall of the Emirates. Dubai Ski Resort is a full-fledged ski area where you can go skiing or skateboarding with your partner and friends, as well as take extra classes with a personal trainer.

The average temperature is about -7 ° C, so do not neglect warm clothes, there is no need to take a ski suit from home, in the ski resort you may rent all the necessary equipment.

9. Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

The Dubai Desert Reserve is the largest nature conservation area in the United Arab Emirates and the most popular ecotourism destination in the entire country. The reserve is the home of many endangered species of animals, including panthera tigris, snow and arabian leopards, all of them can be seen on the way in an eco-trip organized by the reserve’s guides every hour.

10. Dinner In The Sky

There is nothing more romantic than a dinner in the clouds. When we say among the clouds, we literally mean dinner in the open sky, thus the restaurant in Dubai holds dinners at a height of 50 meters on a suspended platform.

People come here more for the bright impressions rather than for food, to satisfy the thirst for thrills and for adding another memorable adventure to their lives. Safety is guaranteed, but for those who are afraid of heights it is better to choose a place on the earth.

11. Louver Abu Dhabi

If you thought the Louver Museum of Art was only in Paris, you were wrong. Here in the UAE, Abu Dhabi is home to another Louver museum. It was built in 2017 and is the most famous art museum in the whole country. The building is stunningly beautiful both outside and inside, thus attracting millions of tourists every year.

12. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi complex located not far from the capital of the Emirates is the biggest theme park in the world that is dedicated to the Ferrari automobile brand.

The park has an extremely large amount of entertainment, from the movies devoted to the history of the brand, to the highest rides and merry-go-rounds, which can reach speeds of up to 300 km per hour. This is a great place for a date, to get extra adrenaline.

13. Dubai Creek

It was on the banks of this creek that the city of Dubai once appeared. The waterfront of the creek is a favorite place of many amorous couples, on the shores of the bay there are a large number of cafes and stores. For a romantic evening you can rent a boat and enjoy the lights of the city at night from the water.

14. The Lost Chambers Aquarium

This aquarium can truly be considered one of the best in the world and is centered in the amusement complex of Atlantis The Palm Hotel in the Palm Jumeirah Peninsula. The aquarium is home to over 60,000 thousand fish and a huge number of other creatures.

On the hotel website you can find information about tickets and find a smartphone app that serves as a personal guide while visiting the aquarium.

15. Palm Jumeirah

Palm Jumeirah or as it is also called the Palm Island is an artificial island built off the coast of Dubai. Many people come to the island, not only to chill on the beaches, but also to admire the amazing architecture, which is more than breathtaking. If you live near the island, we advise you to choose a few days to enjoy it completely and visit all the attractions of the place.

For now you are ready for the best romantic trip in the UAE. Take your time to admire all the places and last but not least do not forget to take a camera to capture the best moments together.

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