Envision Your Wedding Ceremony

Many aspects of our society and of our daily lives have changed dramatically in the past few years. Our social circles have become larger and more diverse, our nuclear families live further apart, and our attitudes about what goes on in the world around us have become more perceptive and better informed. All these aspects of our lives have changed but most of our weddings have not.

Think back to the last wedding ceremony you attended. Did the ceremony itself match what you know about the couple? Did the couple’s vows truly reflect their insights or beliefs? Did the ceremony celebrate their love and encourage their decision to merge their futures together forever?
To help ensure that your actual ceremony matches your vision of your ceremony, take time to choose your officiant carefully. Discuss these questions with your fiancé before you begin the interview process.

Your Wedding Style
-Will your wedding be formal, casual, nontraditional, or traditional?
-Will your wedding have a general theme? Will it reflect some interest or location the two of you
-Who will participate in your Wedding Processional? Who will escort the Bride? Will someone
escort the Groom?

Your Spirituality
-Do you abide by any particular religion? Would you like to include any specific religious
traditions in your ceremony?
-Do you consider yourselves more spiritual than religious? Would you like your ceremony to
reflect your spirituality?
-Are you agnostic or atheist? Would you prefer a secular ceremony?

Your Ceremony
-What tone would you like for your ceremony? Should it be intimate, sacred, warm, humorous, or
-Who would you like to participate in your ceremony? Family members, friends? Be specific.
-Is there anything that absolutely must be included in your ceremony?
-Is there anything that absolutely must not be included in your ceremony?
There is more to marriage than a few recited words followed by a really great party. If you choose your officiant thoughtfully, you can enter into a collaborative process with a professional who can help you select rituals, readings, symbols and music that authentically reflect your relationship and your hopes for the future.

Article submitted by: Eve Young

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