First Steps to Planning a Wedding

Almost every girl has a picture of a dream wedding in her head. Whether a big or small wedding, it is the most important day for a married couple. The wedding industry is becoming increasingly large, allowing everyone to organize their own wedding in the style they like. 

Considering all the wedding details is incredibly difficult. Creating your guest list, organizing wedding events, setting wedding dates and plans, and many other tasks make the organization process challenging, especially if you are a first-time wedding planner. What should be your first steps to planning a wedding, and how to organize this day in the best way? All the answers and many other important tips you will find in the article.  

How to Plan a Wedding Step-by-Step?

The wedding planning journey may look overwhelming for people who have not had anything in common with such events. Choosing a wedding ceremony location, sending wedding invitations, and organizing pre-wedding events are stressful for married couples and their family members. Therefore, we have prepared a wedding planning checklist where you can find the most important steps in planning a wedding. Follow our suggestions and learn to organize dream weddings and events.

#1. Set a Wedding Budget 

Setting a wedding budget is the most crucial step in the wedding planning process. While creating your budget is not a pleasant process, you need to know how much you can spend on your wedding day before starting preparations. 

Making a budget will help you see the reality and what type of wedding you can really afford. Discuss with your partner your priorities for the wedding party and how much you are ready to spend on it. Keep in mind your guest list, including out-of-town guests, hiring a wedding photographer, wedding transportation, etc. 

Financing a wedding is costly and stressful. The final amount people spend on a wedding day is usually much higher than it was planned. If you see you can’t pay for your wedding alone with your partner, bad credit wedding loans come to the rescue. With their help, you can get money to choose a perfect wedding venue, hire a full-service wedding planner, etc. 

#2. Buy Wedding Bands 

Purchasing wedding rings is one of the most important steps in the wedding planning process. The rings serve as a symbol of marriage, and it is crucial to purchase them several months before a wedding party. Looking for a ring in advance is especially essential if you want an unusual band with diamonds or gemstones.

It is crucial to choose a wedding band that suits your engagement ring and matches your personal style. 

#3. Organize a Rehearsal Dinner and a Welcome Party

A rehearsal dinner is a great way to spend more time with your closest people on the wedding day. It generally takes place the night before the wedding party and requires preparations like a wedding. You also need to make a guest list, venue, formal invitations, etc. 

You can also organize the welcome party after the dinner. It will add additional costs to your wedding but will bring more positive emotions and memories.

#4. Select a Wedding Date

Choosing a date is often the most difficult wedding step. Many people start planning their big day many months in advance if they want an exact date for their wedding. If you don’t select your date in advance, try to be flexible to find a location and vendors available for this day. You should also determine the dates of your bachelorette parties, brunches, and other pre-wedding events if you organize them. 

#5. Make a List of Wedding Priorities and Preferences 

Every person has their own big picture of dream weddings and events. Your and your partner’s expectations from the wedding day may vary. Therefore, it is crucial to discuss your priorities and preferences for the wedding style, guest count, and others. You should discuss whether you will organize a bridal party and a bridal shower and what they will look like. Determining the most important aspects of your wedding will help you stick to your budget and focus on essential elements of the party. 

#6. Decide Your Wedding Style 

One of the first steps of wedding planning is to design the look of your party. Think about the color palette you want to see, flowers, decor, wedding stationery, and other things. At the same time, some people prefer the formal style of a wedding, others like a more casual one. It is essential to be on the same page with your soon-to-be spouse and find a style that suits you both. 

Today, it is possible to find options for every taste! There are many platforms where you can find and gather wedding inspiration images. You can search on Instagram, Pinterest, magazines, various bridal websites, or even pull ideas from your friend’s engagement photos. 

#7. Buy a Wedding Dress

Buying a wedding dress is one of the most responsible moments for every bride in the event’s planning process. Like with the style of your wedding, you can look for inspiration and tips for choosing a dress on platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and numerous other online platforms. 

You should plan to buy your attire around nine months before the big day. Although the market is rich in various options, it is often challenging to find a dress of your dreams. In addition to the wedding dress, don’t forget about purchasing clothes for pre-wedding events, like rehearsals, welcome parties, and others.

#8. Create a Wedding Website 

Settling up a website with your wedding hashtag and the most important information about the event can help you inform your guests about any changes. You can write the date, location, travel, and other details, and many other crucial elements you consider when planning a wedding. 

#9. Install a Wedding-Planning App 

You will not always have the possibility to plan a wedding from your computer. Sometimes, the best ideas for your planning process come when you are out of home. Wedding-planning apps are an excellent solution, allowing you to have all the planning tools on your phone. Now, you can browse your big day and complete various tasks anywhere. 

#10. Decide Your Wedding Guests 

Many steps of wedding plans depend on the number of guests you expect at your party. It can especially impact your choice of a wedding venue. It will not be the same venue for a 30-person wedding and a 400-person wedding. You should create your guest list depending on your wishes and financing opportunities. It may often not be the best option to invite your relatives and friends from other cities or countries and borrow large amounts to finance this. 

#11. Choose a Wedding Reception Venue 

Finding a dream venue is one of the most important steps for every bride. Therefore, it is necessary to start a venue search in advance, as soon as you know your wedding date. Read reviews and opinions of various venues and ask your friends or family members whether they can give you any recommendations. 

After you choose your wedding location, you will need to sign a contract and a dotted line. Remember to read it carefully before signing to avoid any surprises. 

#12. Create Your Wedding Registry 

Gifting is one of the basic elements of every wedding. If traditional gifts are not for you and you have specific preferences, it is crucial to inform your guests about this. Creating a registry is an excellent way to get the gifts you need. 

It is not necessary to create your registry too early but do it in advance enough that your friends and family members can purchase the gifts. 

#13. Book Wedding Vendors

Your big day is always associated with wedding vendors. It is incredibly challenging to organize the event without them. Think about hiring a photographer, videographer, florist, DJ, officiant, and other people who will support you on your big day. As the process of finding reliable vendors is complicated and requires a lot of time, many people hire wedding planners who will do this unpleasant work. 

#14. Send Save-the-Dates 

It is crucial to ensure all the people you want to see on your big day can come. Therefore, you should send them invitations as far in advance as possible. You can decide whether it will be an informal invitation or printed save-the-date cards. The second option will help you create a festive mood several months before the wedding. 

#15. Get a Marriage License 

Your party will be much more fun if you get your marriage license in advance. You will feel much happier if you organize your event when you and your partner are legally married. Marriage license laws may differ depending on the state, so be sure to check your region’s regulations. 

The Bottom Line 

The wedding is the most important day for married life. This day is a celebration of the love of two people. Therefore, it is essential to organize this event as well as possible. It is also crucial to see on your big day wedding party members you want to share your happiness with. If your wedding vision is similar to your partner’s, it is time to make your first steps to planning a wedding. Listen to your and your partner’s hearts and desires – it is the best way to organize your big day. 

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