Found the girl, now find your band

As a society, we had this antiquated notion that the wedding was all about the bride but now we’ve come to really include the guys in the process. While you were out picking her perfect engagement ring aka she sent you dozens of not so subtle photos from Pinterest, we’re here to help you find the perfect band for you. Remember, this is something you’ll wear every single day and symbolizes a life long commitment you asked your future wife to make with you, so let’s make it count.

Know the different types of bands
This is honestly the first place to start. What do you want your band to be made out of?
Platinum: this is your most expensive piece due to the rarity of the band but also your most durable with a white/silver coloring.
White gold: this is actually an alloy made of pure gold and mixed with white metals like silver, nickel, etc. The rhodium plating gives it the look of platinum but without a platinum price.
Yellow Gold: This is your standard ring that most people are familiar with. Fun fact: this ring is mixed with other metals to add more durability to it!
Palladium: This is a softer, silver/white metal that sort of looks like platinum but definitely does not come with the platinum price tag.
Wood: With rustic making a huge comeback, wood bands may be perfect for you.
Silicone: If your job requires you to use your hands, silicone may be the way to go. These bands are heat resistant and non-conductive so they are ideal if you’re in the military, medical field, a mechanic, chef, etc.

Don’t be afraid to bling it out
You just grabbed some bling for your soon to be Mrs. so grab yourself a little bling as well. Diamonds grown in the lab are actually more affordable and conflict-free so you can find a ring that won’t break the bank or have you watching the movie Blood Diamond and feeling guilty. Ada Diamonds believes in providing diamonds that are so flawless, a jeweler won’t be able to tell the difference between a lab grown diamond and a diamond that was mined.

Make it personal
This is the ring you’ll wear for eternity so find something you can personally connect with. It has to make the most sense for you. The design of your ring is just as important as hers so ensure you spend some time finding a design that makes the most sense for you too. If need be, find a retailer with concierge service so you can design the perfect band for you.

The standard plain band isn’t a bad thing but most men are opting for something personal and unique to them so don’t be afraid to say you want something that fits you perfectly. You should get exactly what it is you want. Finding your wedding band doesn’t have to be a process if you go in a little prepared.

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