Friendly Diamonds: Choosing the Perfect Metal Color for Your Engagement Ring

A marriage proposal is a landmark moment like no other. It is the beginning of a new journey where love is the answer and being together is key. And with this promise of love comes the ultimate symbol of devotion, crafted with the brilliance that your partner desires, for the diamond engagement ring signifies an undying romance, the true sparkle of the eternal!  

Diamond engagement rings are iconic pieces of jewelry. And considering the times we live in, their popularity status has risen to a point where a myriad of options are available. You have three-stone engagement rings, and you have solitaire engagement rings. And while the size and shape of stone have traditionally been the essential factor when choosing your engagement ring, selecting the perfect ring metal is also crucial.

Friendly Diamonds, a New York-based online jewelry brand, gives you the opportunity to design your own diamond engagement ring according to your style and preference. If platinum is your metal choice, they have it. And if it’s rose, yellow or white gold that is more your style, they have that too. You also get to choose your ring setting, the way your gemstone is secured, and pick a diamond shape, be it pear, heart, oval, round, cushion, marquise, princess, emerald, or asscher. And as an eco-friendly brand that deals only with lab grown diamonds, you can be confident that your pick is a sustainable choice. 

Choosing the proper metal color to match your partner’s personality and style can be taxing. So to guide you with your decision, here is a closer look at metal options and engagement rings available at Friendly Diamonds. 

White Gold Engagement Rings 

It is said that white gold represents friendship and togetherness, making it the perfect choice when proposing to the one you love. Obtained when yellow gold is mixed with copper, zinc, and nickel, this metal is a silver-colored fashionable and contemporary metal popular among modern couples. It is also more durable than yellow gold because of its added alloy metals but is priced almost the same as yellow gold. Thanks to their modern aesthetic qualities, white gold engagement rings have surpassed yellow gold engagement rings in popularity. 

Allen Solitaire Diamond Ring 

The Allen Solitaire Diamond ring has a diamond set in a cathedral-style, slightly tapering band, giving it a refined and classy look. The gem is placed in a four prong that crisscrosses at the ring’s bridge to make it a lovely, small cut-out gallery. The gallery refers to the space between the central jewel and the shank’s top. 

Yellow Gold Engagement Rings 

Yellow gold is said to symbolize fidelity. It is a classic metal considered traditional and ageless. Yellow gold engagement rings contrasts nicely with darker complexions and also compliments warm skin tones. It is a hypoallergenic metal, making it an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin. 

Blooming Petal Diamond Ring 

The Blooming Petal Diamond Ring is a ring with a single solitaire housed in a floral basket by six prongs. At the base of the ring is a diamond-studded concealed halo. The ring has a simple modern yellow gold metal band that you may pair with a matching band of choice.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings 

The rose gold metal is a widely accepted symbol of love making it the perfect choice for an engagement ring! Obtained when pure gold is combined with copper, this metal has a vintage, elegant and feminine appeal. It is also sometimes referred to as pink or red gold. In general, rose gold engagement rings look good on all skin types and pairs well with a wide range of colors, ideal for everyday wear. It is also the most affordable metal of all the metals mentioned above.

Atria Halo Diamond Ring 

The Atria Halo Diamond ring is a spectacular piece crafted with a solitaire placed in a four prong basket. The ring has two diamond-studded concealed halos with a space between them, creating a floating effect when viewed from its front profile. A row of pave diamonds runs halfway down either side of the shank on the top and outer walls of the band.

Platinum Engagement Rings 

Platinum, as a metal, accentuates a diamond’s brilliance and has a lustrous shine. It is considered the most precious and rarest jewelry metal, perfect for engagement rings and wedding bands. 

Platinum is five times rarer than gold. It is also a dense metal that secures a diamond or gemstone without the wearer worrying about the gem falling, especially if he/she leads an active lifestyle. Platinum is also a hypoallergenic metal making it a good choice for people with sensitive skin.  

Platinum rings also retain their sheen, soft shine over time and do not require to be replated. 

Denise Diamond Ring 

The Denise Diamond Ring is a three-stone ring crafted with a solitaire diamond placed in a four prong setting and two dazzling emerald cut diamonds also set in four prongs each. The shank is gently curved, like a tulip, tapering gradually towards the central gem. This ring of fine craftsmanship and excellent design is sure to take your partner’s breath away.   
Regardless of the metal you pick, you create the ideal engagement ring when you discover your partner’s sense of style, choose the design she prefers, and complete the appearance with the right diamond. That’s how you end up with the perfect ring, a ring she’ll treasure for a lifetime. 

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