Get your Fairytale Honeymoon by Booking Early

When should you book your honeymoon

If you want the perfect Sandals honeymoon to complete your story book wedding, it pays to be proactive.
Honeymoons are like everything else in the wedding industry; the best of the best book up first.

The longer you wait, the more likely you are to find out that the beautiful oceanview honeymoon suite you fell in love with has gone up in price since you last looked at….or worse yet, you see those 7 little letters that strike fear in the heart of every bride:  S-O-L-D O-U-T!

If you don’t want to miss out on the Sandals honeymoon of your dreams, book early!
Not only will you rest better knowing that your honeymoon room is secure (and you get to cross another thing off your never-ending “wedding check-list’) but you will also save money!

The further in advance that you book, the more likely it is that the resort will have vacant rooms.  When resorts have vacant rooms, they want to fill them.  And they do so by offering sales, discounts, promotions and incentives.
However, every day closer to your honeymoon date, is another day for the rooms to book up.  And the more rooms that are booked up, the less motivated the resorts are to offer sales and incentives, thus making the rooms more expensive.

So the big question, “How far in advance should I book?”  At WeddingVibe, where we help our brides book Sandals resorts, we tell them it’s never too early to book. Sandals allows you to reserve your room for only $400, and this holds the room and secures any special discounts!  So by booking early, you get the best rooms at the best rates, along with the time and ability to pay off your trip in smaller monthly increments! WeddingVibe also offers a free price watch guarantee. So if for whatever reason, your room you booked happens to be cheaper than at the time of booking, we are able to adjust the price for you.

Want help booking your Sandals Honeymoon? Take advantage of our Free Sandals Honeymoon Planning Service!

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