Girls Night!

Rally Up The Bridesmaids!

Sometimes, wedding planning can go from exciting, to stressful and overbearing. Don’t let the all the worries consume you! Take a night to de-stress and throw away the worries. And what better way to de-stress than by hanging out with your bridesmaids! These ladies were chosen to be your bridesmaids for a reason. So take a day, afternoon, and or not night to remember that reason with these awesome ideas!

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Have a Spa Day

Go out for the day with your bridesmaids and take some time to pamper yourself! Get a massage, have a facial done or relax in a hot tub to ease away your wedding worries. Mental stress often leads to physical stress, so treat yourself because you truly do deserve it. Also, I’m sure that your friends will enjoy this idea as well. What girl passes on a spa day?

Movie Night

Order a pizza, pop some popcorn in the microwave and kick back with the movie stars and classics! Having a movie night is a simple way to get the girls together for a night. Even if you find yourself gossiping rather than paying attention to shirtless Zac Efron, the night will still be full of fun because it brought you and your friends together.

Make T-Shirts

Are you and the girls planning on going out the night before the wedding? Or maybe the week before the wedding so your not exhausted the day of? Show your sass and class with matching T shirts! This can be a fun, creative project for you and your bridesmaids to do together. Whether your getting technical and designing shirts online or being creative and tie dying shirts, make sure to have fun and let people know that “This Bride is Getting in the Wedding Vibe.” ~See what I did there, I’m a smart cookie. 🙂 Anyways… Back to the article!

Recruit Helpers

You chose your bridesmaids for a reason. Is it because they are always willing to lend you a helping hand? Well, if you are the type of bride that likes to try out a lot of DIY projects, then you are in luck! Invite the ladies over for a mimosa, and play some energetic tunes, because artists need their creative juice and sounds before making masterpieces! You can have your bridesmaids help with homemade save the dates, centerpieces, decor, placement cards, and anything else your wanting to create for the wedding.

Make a Playlist

Have the ladies come over and help you make a playlist for the wedding. It will give you an idea of different music styles and will ensure that many others are satisfied with the music selections genres.

Planning a wedding can be very stressful, and sometimes a bride just needs a distraction. By getting out, taking a day off or even just by having someone help with the planning, it can make a bride go from bride-zilla to calm and collective. Remember, it’s always a good thing to take a break, focus on yourself, and spend time with the ladies that will always have your back.

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