Hit The Road Before “I Do”

Marriage is an epic adventure, but why not hit the road before saying the 2 most important words of your life??? Road tripping is such an amazing experience. An open road with wonderful sights and miles to it’s beauty. Talk to your fiance and discuss where and when you guys would like to hit the road, and let this article guide you on how to plan the most epic road trip ever!

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A Couple, Or A Party?

Taking a road trip can be a blast, but how many people do you prefer tagging along? Depending upon if you only want to go with your fiance, or if you want to include friends and family the type of car, the location of stay and the prices/total cost will very.

If you do decide to bring along others, remember that this trip is not only for others, but for you and your fiance as well. Make sure to choose a destination that you will enjoy, and with the destination consider the filters that you would like to include. Think about the time of year you would like to go. Consider weather and the type of weather that the state normally has year round. Think about whether or not you would like to camp or stay indoors. Do you plan on visiting attractions and hot springs, or plan to road trip to one location for a weekend get away? There are so many hiking areas and natural attractions to explore and visit in each state, so make sure to do your research before final decisions!

Cravings & Care on the Road!

Something that you should highly think about is how long you’re gonna be on the road. Recently, I took a road trip to South Dakota and Oregon. From that experience, I learned about 2 things I would like you to know about. For 1, most drivers want to take as little stops as they need to. Which means that you need to pack food and a small bag of things to keep with you. First, lets talk about food. When I was in the car we packed granola bars, beef jerky, water, and other little snacks like candy and chips. Once we reached South Dakota, every person in that car felt sick. When you’re in a car and sitting for a long time, your body lakes activity, lacks vitamin C and other essential nutrients it needs. Water and beef jerky was a good call. But make sure to pack fruits like oranges, apples & grapes. Another thing to pack would be celery and a jar of peanut butter. We’re not going to get scientific about the proper nutrition of the body and why to pack certain foods. I’m telling you this by first hand experience. When you sit in a car for 14 hours straight eating granola bars and carbs, you don’t feel to good after a while. Before we left South Dakota to head towards Oregon, we made sure to throw out the fire Cheetos’s for a bag of oranges.

Things To Keep On-Hand & In Mind

Everyone normally has a small bag they keep on them when travelling. No one wants to have to go into the trunk whenever they need something. After my experience, here are a few items you should keep with you when travelling for a long time:

Lysol Spray: No offence, but people stink. Whenever your party decides to make a stop to stretch or get gas, make sure to open the doors and spray your car before heading out. This makes you and your party feel less muggy whenever you head back on the road. Also, after spraying your car might as well spray yourself for a DIY shower!

Toothbrush and Toothpaste: Every time we stopped at a gas station, my sister n law brought her toothbrush to the bathroom and brushed her teeth. I didn’t really understand why she did it, so I started to do it myself and realized that it helped me feel less gross after sitting in a car for so long.

Peppermint Oil: During our travels, I started to feel nauseous and car sick after the few 10 hours. By rubbing a drop of peppermint oil on your temples, it eases the nauseous feelings, made me more alert and cleared my sinuses instantaneously.

Dry Shampoo/Baby Powder: Having thick hair, I need to clean my hair regularly. I can honestly say that during our 20 hour car ride from South Dakota to Oregon, I was really embarrassed having to walk into the gas stations and rest stops with greasy and flat hair. Make sure to keep dry shampoo with you to help with the problem. If you don’t like dry shampoo, then baby powder will do the trick. Baby powder absorbs the grease from your hair and it is always my go-to whenever I don’t have time to take a shower before going out.

Comfy Clothes: Here are the do’s and don’ts on what to wear travelling. Don’t wear a sexy, uncomfortable bra, jeans/jean shorts, a dress or slim fit clothing. This is a road trip and honey, it’s okay to be comfortable! When I was in the car, at first I wore normal shorts and a casual, nice t-shirt. After a while the shorts became uncomfortable and I regretted it for the 10 hour ride. Once we hit the road again for Oregon, I made sure to wear my comfy work out leggings and work out shirt with a sports bra. It was comfortable and everyone was happy to hear me stop complaining.

Estimating Prices

Prices can very in multiple ways. Firstly, take into account the difference in price depending upon the states you’re passing through. At best, average your cost estimations based upon the division of miles to your destination/the number of miles your car can drive per gallon. This will tell you how many times you will have to fill up your tank. Then, divide this number by how many gallons your car can take. Example: If you are driving 1,000 miles to your destination and your car can go 20 miles per gallon, this would mean you need 50 gallons of gas to get from Point A to Point B. If your car only have 8 gallons to the tank, then divide 50/8 which equals 6.25, averaging 7 times you would need to stop to fill up your tank.  Then, take your ending number and multiply it by the average cost to fill up your tank. This will be your price to get to your destination.

Take into consideration that this is only the cost to get to your destination. Also remember to add in the cost for food, fun activities, stay, and anything else you’re planning on doing on the trip.

Hopefully this article helped you learn a few new things about planning a road trip. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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