Guest Book Ideas

There will always be the traditional way of recording by the book. But by simply writing your name in a book takes away all of the fun. Want to be creative with your wedding guest book?

Every bride has her own style and personality. For example, some brides love floral arrangements with loose ribbons, colorful flowers and bling here and there. Other brides prefer to steer out of the box with succulents and aloe.

Either way you go, every bride should try to incorporate her own personality within the wedding details, and have fun in the making of the process. But how to start the process when you don’t even know where to start? If you aren’t in the wedding mood for a traditional guest book, then consider these other ideas:

Mark A Stone

I’ve always loved this idea! As your guests enter the ceremony area, have a table in their line of walk way with a bowl of stones, a few sharpies and an empty glass container/vase/whatever you choose to put the stones in. Have your guests write their names on one side, and a little message on the other. These stones symbolize the foundation of your love. And every person that signs a stone, is a symbolic representation of encouragement. After the wedding, the bride and groom will choose what they want to do with the stones. Some couples choose to leave them in containment for safe keeping. Others make use of them as decor or as a centerpiece on a table or two. One idea I was fond of most is when a family member of mind took her wedding stones and the ones she collected from her travels, and turned them into a table top. It was beautiful, with a smooth finish on top and a glossy reflection. It perfectly reflects all the happy memories she has encountered, and all the people that stand by her every decision.

A Family Tree, Literally!

Are you in love with nature and adore wall art? Well then, here are two ideas that you’re going to fall head over heels for! Are your walls pretty bare and you want to cover them with the perfect canvas? On a large canvas, have a symmetrical tree painted in the middle, with you and your husband’s names and wedding date in the center. Your guests will have fun with this little project, because you need their help to finish the masterpiece! No tree is complete without it’s leaves! Have your guests finger paint/use stamp ink to mark a leaf on the tree. Once dry, have them sign their name within the leaf. One by one the leaves will appear, and by the end of the night you will have a tree in full bloom, just like how your love is.

Don’t like this artsy tree idea? Then how about you try the real thing? This is a ritual in which stands for marking a new beginning. If you have tree’s in your backyard, then make it a must that your guest stop over to mark their initials with the bark. If desired, you can have a plaque made. For example, the plaque can say “Emily & John Smith, Married 09/30/2018, “Thank you to those who support our love and for being with us on the journey to come.” By putting this plaque on the tree, it gives meaning to the initials and is a solid, infinite representation of your love. To follow this guest book idea, consider giving away seeds and/or trees as your wedding favor to also represent a new beginning to a growing love.

A Cup of Joe With Friends

Do you love coffee? Well then this guest book idea is perfect for you! This idea is comes from an earlier article I wrote called “The Perfect Wedding For a Coffee Lover.” So if you’re interested in incorporated any low key ideas surrounding coffee in your wedding, then make sure to click here. Otherwise, here is another guest book idea that you will enjoy! Have a set of white coffee cups stationed on a table with sharpies. You can be creative with the sharpies and have colors matching your wedding. By having your guests sign the coffee cups, it will be a constant reminder of your perfect day every morning you have a cup of coffee!

Picture Frame Boarder

In high school, I was in a show choir group called “CSI” and no, it doesn’t stand for Crime Scene Investigations. Every year, the group would take a photo from one of the competitions, frame the photo with a white boarder, everyone in the group would sign the boarder and then we would represent it to the teacher as a gift. Take this idea and use it for your wedding. Have all of your guests sign a white boarder and then after the wedding, frame the photo that brings you the most love and joy.

These ideas definitely aren’t traditional. So if your the bride that likes to be unique and creative, then hopefully these ideas lead you in the right direction. Thanks for reading!

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