How to Build up to a Stress Free Wedding

Stress Free Wedding

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It is most likely going to be one of the biggest days of your life that you will hopefully look back upon with fond memories, so of course you want every single detail of the day to go swimmingly well. 

Here are some top tips to ensure you remain as stress free as possible! 

Get Your Ideas Down on Paper

Now this will probably appear to be the most obvious, but buy yourself a wedding planner book that stands out from all the other notepads you possess at home that could easily be mislaid. Start writing a list of things you want to achieve, or even just to brainstorm initially your ideas and concepts will be useful. 

Decide on who your Bridesmaids will be early on

This will be useful because firstly you do not have to worry about hastily making this decision later on, you can already start to think about what bridesmaids dresses to order, as you will need multiple dress fittings with them too. This will also ensure that your preferred bridesmaids can be available to share the big day with you and are not already booked up. 

Ask for Professional Assistance in Planning

Why stress yourself further when you can ask for professional help to offer valuable advice on how to plan a wedding and carry out tedious tasks like ringing up venues to secure bookings and organizing flower arranging. You will be surprised how much time things like that can take. 

Start Shopping for the Dress Now!

If you imagine how long it takes for you to decide on a typical day which pair of shoes to keep or which blouse goes better with that pair of trousers or skirt, how long realistically is it going to take you to try on and find the perfect and most important dress you will ever wear in your lifetime. 

Start thinking about what style you would ideally like and look online and go to wedding dress shops (when you can again of course!) as you will be pleasantly surprised at how arduous it will become as a shopping task. Also definitely take a friend or relative with you for honest advice on how you look when you do get the opportunity to try on dresses. 

Do you really need that many guests?

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is the people in your life that truly matter and are there for you when you need them. Do you really want to have guests at your wedding that you barely speak to anymore and are just there to bump up the numbers or a Facebook friend who you barely talk to? Just try to stick to close family members and friends. You will not have to stress about various groups of people not knowing each other and changing your seating plan for the thousandth time. The main point of the day is about you getting happily married!

Stress Free Wedding

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