How To Enhance Your Wedding Guests Experience!

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One of the most important goals for many engaged couples is to make sure their wedding guests, family and friends, have an amazing experience at their wedding events.  Historically, wedding etiquette has relied on communication that requires wedding guests to do something…


  • Carry around a paper wedding invitation,
  • Keep track of a wedding itinerary that you had printed for them,
  • Snail mail the RSVP card back,


Sadly, over 50% of guests lose or misplace your gorgeous printed information, resulting in confused guests calling or texting you for key wedding information. Similarly, guests are unreliable in returning RSVP cards by your requested deadline, requiring double the work on your part to confirm your guest list.


An initial attempt at solving this problem was the introduction of wedding websites and wedding apps! While these may serve some useful purposes, they fall short at being an efficient and easy way for you and your guests to communicate. These tools rely on your guests to take committed action steps – downloading an app or remembering and checking your wedding website – which many guests are unable or unwilling to do.


Over reliance on traditional forms of wedding communication leaves room for errors, worry and headache for you during your wedding planning experience AND wedding weekend! At Wedding Vibe, one of our ultimate goals is to ensure you and your guests have the most memorable and amazing wedding experience. One of the best ways to do that is by using WedTexts. That’s why we have recently partnered with them!


WedTexts is the only form of wedding communication that is effortless for your wedding guests! And because it is effortless for your guests it enhances their experience and reduces your stress leading up to your big day.  


So what is WedTexts?

WedTexts is a communication tool that allows engaged couples (you) to easily communicate all their (your) wedding details to their (your) guests via pre-scheduled text messages.  


Couples use it to complement the traditional wedding communication (invitations and wedding websites) or use WedTexts to save money (and the environment) by only using WedTexts for all their wedding communication, including text wedding invitations.   


Watch this short 2 minute video to see WebTexts in action!.  


You may be thinking I can text from my phone. Why do I need WedTexts?

The short answer is to enhance your guest experience and reduce your wedding planning stress.  Visit this page to see how WedTexts compares to texting from your phone.


Wedding Vibe Special Offer

Knowing the pitfalls of relying solely on traditional wedding communication we have partnered with WedTexts to provide Wedding Vibe customers the opportunity to win a FREE WedTexts account each month!  For your chance to win visit this web page and sign up for a complimentary account to test WedTexts.  


Getting married soon?  

If you purchase a WedTexts package and you become the lucky winner, WedTexts will refund your purchase!  So get started enhancing your guests experience (and reducing your stress) today with WedTexts.


How does WedTexts work?


Create your free WedTexts account today by visiting this site –


Photo cred: Krystal Kast Photography

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