How to get the most out of your Bridal Show Visit

Tips for Bridal ShowsThousands of newly engaged couples are on a mission to find the right wedding services to make their special day as beautiful and wonderful as possible. As a wedding vendor, I attend many bridal shows and have observed the behaviors of many brides as they try to gather as much information as possible. Having said this, I would like to offer some tips that I think will help you get the most out of your next wedding show.

Tips for a successful Bridal Show:
• Bring people in your “circle of trust”:
Your family and friends will be crucial in helping you gather the information you want to have. With that said, you should only invite a small number of people that are close to you. Too many people can just create more frustration as everyone has an opinion.

• Pre-register for the event:
With today’s online market place, there should always be an option to pre-register for the show. This will save you a lot of time at the check in. Sometimes if you pre-register, the show will have labels waiting for you at the check in which leads me to my next point.

• Bring labels that have your name, email , phone, and address on them:
There are always lots contests and registrations to fill out, and having a pre-done label makes this process so quick and easy.

• Use the provided map:
If the bridal event has a map of the vendor’s names and locations, make sure to use it. Bridal Shows can be very overwhelming, with many rows of vendors. Depending on the size of the show, it may be impossible to visit with all the vendors. Look at the map first, and map out your strategy of who you want to visit. Make a priority list, vendors you definitely want to talk to first; second, you get the picture.

• Bring a heavy duty bag or purse:
This is kind of like your bridal “trick or treat bag” Many bridal shows do not have bags that hold very much, or they are flimsy. It is best to be prepared to bring a good quality bag that can handle a lot of brochures and weight. Fashion should not be the priority here.

• Bring a note pad:
You should be ready to take notes, or have someone with you take notes.
You will meet a lot of people and vendors, once you get home it will be hard to remember everyone you met or talked to. Take notes on particular things you liked, vendors you especially liked, or any other information that seemed important while at the show.

• Take pictures:
This is a great compliment to your notes. When you come across a vendor that has a display you like, or that helps spur on more ideas, a picture allows you to look at it again, and remember what you liked about it. Pictures are another great way to communicate to those who didn’t come to the show. Quickly up-load your photos and send them to your fiancée or anyone that you would like to share the info with.

Follow these tips for your next wedding show, and you should have a great experience!

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