How to know that you’re rushing your wedding?

So, you’ve been dating this guy for a really long time now; one night he popped the question, and you said yes. But, after a few days, you started to feel a little bit iffy, and now you’re googling ‘signs I’m rushing into the wedding?’. Well, the fact that you’re here, reading this article might be the first sign you’re rushing into marriage, but even so, this might not be the definitive reason; maybe you’re just curious. But, in case you’re looking to see what other, more serious signs are, then you’re at the right place.

There are many signs that you’re heading down the aisle too soon, but sometimes it is just hard to recognize them. Maybe you’re even ignoring them for the sake of avoiding fights, uncomfortable discussions and even a break up. What could’ve you done; say no? Of course not, you love your partner. But, rushing into marriage could be much worse than just saying ‘no’ to marriage at this particular moment. So, if you’re not sure, here are some of the common and most serious signs you’re rushing into marriage.

1.    You haven’t said ‘I love you.’

We’re starting with the tricky one. The common assumption would be that after years-long dating, both of you have said the words. Saying ‘I love you’ is a huge deal in a relationship, as it can make it or break it. This short little sentence can show the real status of the relationship and whether both partners are on the same pages. However, if this has not happened, or one of you said the words, and the other didn’t say them back, then you might be rushing into the marriage more than you’ve expected.

Because it is so important to verbalize the love you feel for each other, starting a marriage before even saying ‘I love you’ is just reckless. If you particularly haven’t said the words and didn’t reply to his, it simply means that you’re unsure about your feelings towards your partner. And, if you’re unsure about ‘I love you,’ how can you be sure about saying ‘Yes’ to his proposal, and the marriage after all.

2.    You still have a ‘back-up.’

Here’s the deal; if you still have phone numbers of your exes, or you check their Instagram profiles just to see what they’re doing, and who are they dating, you’re definitely rushing into marriage. The fact that you have that one ex you haven’t gotten over, or vice versa, as well as the fact that you still need to have options, is a really bad sign. If it were right, you wouldn’t be thinking of your past partners, and the one next to you would be enough.

If you’re communicating with you’re exes, then you’re just looking for trouble. This is a sign that you’re far from being ready to settle down. Marriage and a monogamous relationship require absolute commitment and dedication to that one special person. If you don’t feel this way, then you should really reconsider the wedding. It will save you a lot of money.

3.    You avoid talking about it

If the topic of you’re wedding comes up, and you’re all hesitant and nervous to talk about it, well, here is some bad news; you’re rushing into marriage. If that marriage was really meant to happen, and there are no obstacles, then you wouldn’t be keeping your mouth shut. Your wedding would be the main topic of each conversation because you’d be so happy. But, the fact that you’re really not into discussing your wedding dress, and you avoid answering the questions about the proposal, and the ring could be a sign of rushing.

Sure, you might be under a lot of emotions because of such a sudden change. Of course, you’re going to be nervous; marriage is a big thing and opens an entirely new chapter of your life. But, you maybe haven’t completed your studies, you’re still looking for an apa paper writing service, and you’re about to get married, have children, and change your whole life; and, there is a difference between excitement and dread. If the latter is the question, then make sure to announce the news to your partner as soon as possible.

4.    You overcompensate

Because you’re so unsure about your decision, and you don’t want to hurt your partner, you’re overcompensating. If you’re using attentive behavior, bursts of love, cuddling, and sex to make your partner feel loved and unaware of what is really going on with you, you’re making a big mistake. The fact that you love each other should be enough of a reason for you to stop acting all weird and approach the situation more seriously.

You’re about to walk into a marriage, and you can’t keep on overcompensating for the rest of your life (or marriage). If your partner means everything to you and you really love him, stop acting affectionate all the time and look into the matter realistically. Sure, keep showing your partner that you love him, but, also make sure to have the talk. Express what you feel, what worries you and how can you two make it work until you’re finally ready for marriage. This is a sign that you’re mature and that you’re more affectionate to your partner this way than by forcing love and overcompensating for the lack of it.

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