Honeymoon Dilemma: Which Paradise To Fly Off To?

It’s not as important as the wedding day, but get the honeymoon wrong and it could take away some of the magic from the ceremony. This is why you should plan your honeymoon in advance and preferably before even the wedding. It’s going to be difficult to plan both the wedding and the honeymoon at the same time, so get this part of the entire experience out of the way first. One of the things you should consider is which would your prefer a hot or cold climate? When you narrow it down to this, a lot of time can be saved. Want something that’s going to be snowy and mysterious, then perhaps either the French of Swiss Alps will be for you. But if you want something with plenty of sun, then Greece and Egypt are on the cards. Slowly but surely you’ll begin to then want either a bustling environment or somewhere where it’s quiet and remote. For that you have many places where paradise is not an overstatement.

Warm turquoise waters

Home to 1.26 million people, Mauritius is a small island around 1,200 miles off the east coast of Africa. It has a very interesting history with many explorers arriving and claiming the island then later abandoning it before another set of explorers arrived. Just at first glance, you can quite clearly see that is verging on paradise. The incredibly turquoise clear blue waters, warm and cool in different places, lush green vegetation and powerful rock faces leaping out of the earth. Palm trees laden the beaches, straw huts provide all the cover and shelter you need from the sun but keep you enjoying the breeze too. Consider the honeymoon package where everything is taken care of such as the clothes, the professional photographer, venues, flowers and hotel to name a few. All the best activities are here also such as snorkelling, golf, parasailing, canoeing and hiking to name few.

Bulbus green giants

Partly volcanic but that’s never stopped anyone from having a good time on the British Virgin Islands. This overseas British territory is a magnificent capsule of reef-lined beaches, mesmerizing green tree laden hills and beautiful oceanic blue waters. Kissed by the North Atlantic on the right, and greeted by the Caribbean Sea on the left, these islands are a marvellous place for a honeymoon. You can walk the pearl white beaches while sipping a pineapple and peach cocktail, or watch the sun go down while enjoying a fresh grilled fish dinner with your partner. Quite clearly it’s one of the best destinations for a honeymoon in all of the Caribbean. It has 4 main islands but lots of smaller ones dotted around the entire coast. It’s one of the best destinations to go yachting but you can also access the islands via the many cruise ships that visit the islands on a regular basis.

For any honeymoon, a tropical paradise seems like the perfect getaway. Peace and quiet to be alone with your partner is in good supply, but you can enjoy all the activities and care at the drop of a hat too.

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