How to Remember Your Wedding Day

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Your beautiful wedding day is something to behold for a lifetime of cherished memories. Reviewing your fabulous photographs and videos in the years and decades that follow will help to recapture that day. Many brides and grooms may only recall a few segments of the ceremony or reception or blurs of the day if no special attention was taken. Let’s consider a way to intentionally remember your wedding day with your mind, heart and feeling. What can help you to recall this special day like no other? It is your nose!

Scientifically proven, smelly things create signals in the nose that eventually go to the brain. An instant response (signal) from smelling a particular fragrance can affect one’s mood, ease stress, enhance alertness and/or memory. However, using pure essential oils is effective in stimulating the olfactory sense with beneficial results. A selected oil or fragrance can quickly trigger a memory from the time it was first associated with an event or experience, such as your wedding day.

Here is a suggestion to consider. Experiment with a variety of scents and find one that is most pleasing to you, but not frequently used. It may be an after shave, perfume, or better yet, one of the many essential oils that do have medicinal, as well as, relaxing qualities: rose, cardamon, neroli, cedarwood, jasmine, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, and lavender are favorites. Lilly of the valley, hyacinth, vanilla, and tuberose are other suggestions. Once you have chosen your special scent that pleases you as it creates a comfortable feeling and a sense of happiness, then use that one only. Place the scent on many items that you will encounter throughout your wedding day. Sprinkle/dab it on items you will have contact with, such as, on tablecloth, napkins, handkerchief, fabric, stationery, inside handbag, on a cotton ball tucked near you, or in your dressing room, to name a few. Throughout the wedding day, take a little whiff of that chosen fragrance, and for a few moments, be fully aware of where you are, who is near by, what you see, your thoughts, and feel the love in your heart. Perhaps after the wedding, you may want to personally keep a few of those scented items as mementos and place them in a special little box or container. Whenever you wish to remember your wedding, return to your scented items and let the whispers of time and scent assist you in that process.

Ah, to recall that glorious day one only needs to smell that scent to travel back in time, smiling and holding in your heart all the treasures of your wedding day. Sweet blessings for a lifetime of cherished memories.

Article Submitted By:
Rev. Phyllis Ann Min
Non-denominational wedding officiant

Photo Submitted By:
Nicole Nichols Photography

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