How to select perfect wedding jewelry?

The bridal look is incomplete without wedding jewelry. It is your day, so you are free to break so-called fashion rules and select your favorite accessories and jewelry. For the wedding day, jewellers near Fountain Gate have numerous stylish pieces of jewelry. You may find it challenging to buy the right ring, necklace, and earring. Don’t worry, here are some tips for selecting the perfect jewels for the wedding.

Avoid Overdoing It

In the first step, avoid overdoing things. Your jewels must not outshine your gown. Try to blend everything perfectly with your bridal wear. For instance, a necklace is not necessary with an ornate neckline. You can prefer to wear drop earrings to complement your look.

For a simple wedding dress, feel free to wear a necklace. Carefully select rings for your wedding to complement your costume. With the help of rings, you can add a dramatic touch to your overall look. It is not necessary to always choose matching rings. With contrasting pieces, you can make yourself mesmerizing.

Consider Fabric of Wedding Dress

Sometimes, the bride gets confused between rose gold, platinum, and yellow gold. In this situation, you can choose your jewelry based on the color of your gown. With a white dress, silver or platinum pieces look stunning. For an ivory gown, gold can enhance your look.

Rose gold can be a suitable choice for a pink wedding gown. The embellishments and fabric of the wedding gown can help you in the selection of the right jewelry. Feel free to wear burnished silver jewelry with light beige shades of wedding attire.

The neckline of Wedding Dress

The neckline of the wedding gown can be a deciding factor for the type of necklace. A shorter necklace or choker may look beautiful for a sweetheart neckline or strapless dresses. With a decorative neckline, you will need a fresh flower for hairstyle and chandelier earrings.

Try to balance everything. To complete your look, you can wear a cocktail ring, bangle, or a small bracelet. If your dress has V-neck, you can wear a pendant and a choker. Moreover, pair studs or dangling earrings with a necklace to look beautiful.

Highlighted Jewelery

Remember, your wedding jewelry should highlight your wedding dress. Consider the color of your dress while picking the metals of jewelry. You have to highlight your jewels on your special day. Too many jewels can mess up everything. Try to wear one necklace with a beautiful ring and earrings to complete your look.

Avoid Excessive Colors in Jewelery

Do you want to wear wedding jewelry in numerous colors? Drop this idea for your wedding day. You can go with bi-color to blend your jewels well with your dress. Multicolored jewels can make everything messy. They can steal your overall beauty. For your special day, avoid many colors.

Similarly, you should not fuse various metals. You can blend two metals at a time for your big day. Excessive metals can increase confusion in your look. With white gown, feel free to wear white gold or platinum. Consider the advice of your stylist to buy perfect bridal jewelry.        

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