Leave Room for Laughter in Your Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony

Your wedding ceremony does not have to be all solemn, serious, and tearful – not unless
you want it to be. Yes, you are making a serious commitment to each other, but you are
also celebrating your love and your decision to make this commitment. Celebrations
should be fun, and you don’t have to wait for the reception to laugh and enjoy yourselves.

When you hire a celebrant to create and perform your ceremony, you can be sure she will
make every effort to balance the solemnity of the occasion with laughter. If there is a
humorous side to your love story, she will include it in the ceremony — at least to the extent
that you will allow it! Here’s an excerpt from one of my weddings:

“It seems that the most memorable aspect of their first date is that Bruce prepared green
beans, the ONLY vegetable that Amy won’t eat. Amy tried valiantly to swallow one, but
couldn’t manage more than a nibble. That was the last time that Bruce ever cooked green

Then there was the proposal story in which the groom had given his bride a ceramic tile
painted by a Mexican artist. The bride had accepted his proposal, but then started to
giggle. I told this story during the ceremony: “She asked him if he had noticed how the
artist spelled what he had told him to write: ‘M-e-r-r-y me instead of m-a-r-r-y me.’ They had
a good laugh over that and still laugh about it sometimes. After all, both spellings are
appropriate for Jess and Bob, because they have many merry times together and are
certain to have a merry married life in the future!”

If you’d like to include a humorous reading, your celebrant can suggest one. The feeling of
a celebrant-led ceremony will be so relaxed, you will feel free to add bits of humor
yourselves. During one outdoor ceremony, the bride flicked a spider off of the groom’s
tuxedo as she was repeating her vows, adding the line: “I promise to remove all of the
spiders that land on you!” Then there was the ceremony where the bride and groom
shared a glass of wine. The groom took a sip, then passed the glass to his bride, who
chugged the rest of the wine in one gallant swallow, while the guests laughed in delight.

Sometimes there will be a mishap in a well-planned ceremony. I’ve participated in a wine
sharing when the wine glass was missing – then two waiters brought two glasses of wine,
not realizing the bride and groom were to share one glass! Another ceremony was
disrupted by a tall glass vase being blown over by the wind and shattering on the gazebo
floor. Then there was the bride who nearly tripped over the train that her maid-of-honor
forgot to pick up. Fortunately she didn’t fall, so we could laugh about it. As long as nobody
is hurt, it’s best to laugh about mistakes, just as you will during your marriage. Laughter
will lift you over the bumps in your ceremony, and the bumps in your life, as well!

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Emily VanLaeys

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