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Everyone knows the old standby of clinking a wine glass or water goblet to make the bride and groom kiss at a wedding reception. Today, many venues discourage the practice because the glass might break if it is banged too hard; however, there are better ways to do it. Read on for a few of the other, perhaps more imaginative ways of getting the Bride and Groom to smooch. Some of the ideas presented here will need some planning, whereas others can be done on the fly.

Kissing Dice
Kissing dice are large cubes measuring two feet to a side; they have numbers on 4 of their faces, and a big pair of red lips on the remaining two.
Although there are many ways to use the dice to make the bride and groom kiss, we will focus on only two. The first way is very simple: The guest rolls the die; if they get lips, the Bride and Groom kiss. If a guest rolls a number, however, then he or she has to kiss that many people. In the second method, like the previous one, if a guest rolls a pair of lips, the Bride and Groom kiss, but if he or she rolls a number, then the guest performs the task assigned to the number. Such a task might be doing the chicken dance, saying a speech, or some other funny act.
Kissing dice are not something one can buy at a local party shop, but they are available for rent from some, but not all, DJ services. Call around to find one that does.

Walla Balla
The Walla Balla consists of three nets and a ball on a string with all attached to a belt. While strapped around the waist, the wearer is supposed to net the ball without using hands or feet in 30 or so seconds.
You can find walla ballas online or from your DJ possibly.

Wango Tango
Wango Tango is a game for two players. It uses a stick with a ball hanging from it in the middle. At each end is a curved piece that fits against the player’s waist. Facing each other and without touching the wango tango stick or the ball hanging from it, the players are supposed swing their bodies in such a way so as to wrap the string around the stick until the ball touches it.

Putting Green
This is a simple game with a simple objective: Get a hole-in-one and the Bride and Groom must kiss. With putting greens consisting of a water trap or sand trap, the game can be played such that a ball in a hazard calls for the player to kiss three people.
Helpful Hint:
Make sure you have a putter for both right- and left-handed players.

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Hula Hooping
Another simple game that works as follows: The Bride and Groom have to kiss for as long the “hula hooper” keeps or has kept his or her hoop going.

Ring those Bells
Kissing Bells are an excellent substitute for clinking glass. Place a small bell at each place setting.

Couples’ Trivia
There are many ways to play this game à la Trivial Pursuit. You can put some of the questions at each table or in a bowl by the podium. Some couples stuff them in helium-filled balloons or in roses. If a person answering the question gets it right, then the Bride and Groom must kiss, but if respondent gets it wrong, then he or she has to kiss someone.

Helpful Hint:
When drafting questions for placement at the banquet tables, have the questions match the tables. For example, draft questions about the Groom for the table reserved for the Bride’s parents.

Hershey Kisses
Fill a large bowl with a mixture of Hershey Kisses and Hugs. If a guest pulls a Hershey Kiss from the bowl they get a kiss, and if they pull a Hershey Hug, they kiss.

Marriage Advice
Guests approach the podium to give a short and sweet piece of advice for a happy marriage. Then the Bride and Groom kiss each other.
Just as it sounds, the guest or group of guests goes to the podium to tell a story about the Bride or the Groom. The Bride and Groom then kiss each other.

Place a small bowl or piggy bank in front of the Bride and Groom at the head table so that the guests may make a donation to a charity. In return, the Bride and Groom kiss. The larger the donation, the longer or more elaborate the kiss.
Show Us How to Do It!
Just as the name implies, a couple will stand in front of the head table and demonstrate how they want the Bride and Groom to kiss.

Love Songs
Something that almost everyone has heard of by now, a table of guests stands up and sings either a part or all of a song that has the word “love” in it. When finished, the Bride and Groom kiss.

Amazing Race
This game needs more preparation compared to the other games listed above; it works like the TV show: The guests have a number of tasks to complete. A guest chooses an envelope or a box in which is contained one task. If the guest completes the task within the time limit, then the Bride and Groom will kiss.

In closing, there are many imaginative and fun-filled ways to make the Bride and Groom kiss. There is the added dimension of audience participation, as well.

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Article submitted by: Bob Hawkins professional Disk Jockey Service

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