Personalized Wedding Gifts

Personalized Wedding Gifts

5 reasons you can’t go wrong with Personalized photo gifts!

If you’re like most brides, you probably don’t buy Carrie Bradshaw’s theory of “The worse the wedding, the better the marriage.” In all probability, you’re planning the perfect wedding that you so deserve.

One area of wedding planning that seems to befuddle many brides is that of wedding gifts. As if it’s not enough that you have to research and arrange caterers, venues, dresses, bands, florists and seating for your wedding, you also have to think about thanking your guests with thoughtful wedding gifts.

Fortunately, there is a fool proof way to get this aspect of your wedding right.
It’s called ‘Personalization.’

Although not new in concept, it’s never been easier, more affordable or more practical to create personalized photo gifts for all your wedding guests from bridesmaids and groomsmen to parents, in-laws and other assorted relatives. Here’s why you can’t go wrong with personalization when it comes to wedding gifts.

Preserve wedding memories by putting photos on things people will remember. If the idea is to thank people for their presence at your wedding and to leave them with a memorable wedding souvenir they will value, what better way to do it than with photo gifts carrying your engagement or wedding pictures? Not only will they be unique to you and your wedding, but they also help preserve the wedding day memories you shared with your guests.

Use the photos you already know they love. You’ve probably already got hundreds of your engagement, wedding and honeymoon photos up on Facebook, Flickr or elsewhere, where your friends and relatives view them and post comments. You already know they like seeing your pictures and which ones are their favorites. How much easier can it get? Just import the photos into a personalization tool and choose the gifts you want them printed on. The wedding gifts practically create themselves and let guests have a personal copy of your picture in their homes.

Give gifts that guests will actually use. Whether you choose photo skins, photo mugs, mouse pads, photo charm jewelry, keepsake boxes or canvas prints , you can be sure that your guests will find a use for them and are not likely to let them gather dust or, throw them out in a few weeks. They will display them on their desks, counters, mantels or walls, show them off to friends and be reminded of your wedding day every time their eyes fall on the item. Now, which other wedding gifts can do that for you?

You don’t have to know their favorite color or size. No matter how much time, effort and money you spend on finding wedding gifts, you can never really be sure if your guests really liked them. With photo gifts, the highlight of the gift is not its price, color or brand but your picture on it. The fact that you took the time to personalize the gift for your guests with a photo that means something to you is what will stand out in their minds, regardless of the type or size of photo gift you choose.

Photo gifts let you play fair. The last thing you want at your wedding is for guests to think that you played favorites. With personalized gifts, you can get away with making something unique for everyone, while staying within budget and still winning their approval. Ask any bride, and she’ll tell you you’ve just accomplished the impossible – you pleased everyone! Even yourself. And knowing how tough brides can be on themselves around their wedding day, that’s no easy feat.

Can you think of more reasons why personalized gifts would be perfect for wedding guests? Leave your responses in the comments.

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