Stay Confident, Be Considerate

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Every girl looks forward to that one day when all the attention is focused on her. When everyone stares in admiration and is inspired by the person they see before them: You. You are the person that is going to shine most on your wedding day. Not the decorations, not the ceremony, you alone and the love you and your partner share is going to be the main event of the evening.

If all the attention is focused on you, and if this is your night to shine, then what are the worries? Think about your wedding day in a different perspective. I remember when I was a teenager, I had a pretty unique personality. At my high school graduation party I wanted a low calorie angel food cake with chia seeds and wildflowers. I also wanted to recycle glass bottles to use as vases, have homemade save the date cards and make chicken and turkey wraps with spinach and tomato tortillas as the main dish. What I’m getting at is that my graduation party was my time to represent who I was and the person I have become. At the same time, however, I didn’t take certain things into account. With this simple example I’m going to show you how to be more confident while also being considerable on the big day.

Think About Others

Though I wanted to be healthy with turkey and chicken wraps, I didn’t take into consideration that not everyone is going to like what I like. When you decide upon a menu, choose items that you want to serve but also be wary on guests who are vegetarian or have food allergies. Also take into consideration whether or not children are going to be present during the wedding. Children’s taste buds are much different than that of an adults, so be considerate because they may not like your food options.

Remember Your Budget

Every bride wants her wedding day to be special, but in all the excitement price can be a huge set back. You don’t need to have the fancy decor and name brand products, doing something simple like recycling glass bottles as vases can not only save money, but will also be unique and a different experience for your guests. Take some time to sit down with your fiance and plan all the details surrounding your wedding. Discuss which areas should have the most investments and which areas need little thought and detail.

Stay True To Yourself

It’s always nice to be considerate of others, but always remember that YOU should come FIRST. As I previously stated at the beginning of the article, your wedding day is the one day where all the attention is focused on you. Today is your day to shine, so if you want a themed wedding with crazy decor and a weird selection of food choices, then you go on ahead and do what makes you happy. 🙂

Set Backs

There will be someone that unintentionally tries to set you back. A mother or grandmother that has different points of view or style conflictions during the purchasing of the dress. Either way, stay confident when it comes to your likes and dislikes. If there is a negative reaction when it comes to your style plus another, remember that this is your day. Don’t let anyone set you back, and stay true to your style and opinions. As long as it meets your budget and you have been somewhat considerate to your guests, then I would say that your wedding is going to be a success!

Thanks for reading, and remember that confidence shines when your in the Wedding Vibe!

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