Take Advantage Of Prom Season!

Back in high school, prom was such an exciting event. A time to make memories with your friends and classmates, and a time to dress up like you’re a princess at the ball. We all remember the glorious memories of prom: the awkward moment of trying not to stab your date while putting on his boutonniere, trying not to ruin your dress while stuffing your face, and finding time to take those staged photos with family and friends at the park  where everyone can see you. Yes, these were the happy memories, the awkward, cringe memories but they were the best ones.  But why bring them up now? Well, around this time of year prom season is coming to a close, which means that all those fancy dresses and accessories marked for “prom” will go down in price since the season is over. Why not take advantage of prom season while the hand is still dealt in your favor? Here’s an invitation to read about a few tips and tricks to take into consideration:

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Your bridesmaids are the leading ladies that will stand by your side while you marry the love of your life. They’ll be there to support you through all the ups and downs, and be by your side through this journey called life. Your bridesmaids are normally chosen because they mean alot to you or have a significant value to your life. If they mean this much to you, then let them stand out with a dress other than a tradition, solid style. Since many stores mark their special occasion dresses as prom, they have lower the prices once the season is over to get rid of the overstock. Rather than paying over $100 per dress, you could save 50-75% just by waiting until after prom season. With the new styles nowadays, you could easily find some pretty unique dresses that you and your bridesmaids will fall in love with. From sexy and dramatic to floral printed, diamond studded to plain and simple. I’m sure that you’ll find a dress that’s perfect for the wedding theme, but make sure that whatever dress you pick there’s enough in stock for your leading ladies!


Wedding accessories tap into our inner girly girl; however, purchasing jewelry in a bridal shop is definitely on the pricey side. There is the alternative of buying online for cheap, but most brides don’t actually know what’s perfect for them unless they try it on themselves. Take a day to shop and explore with your bridesmaids and see what the stores have on sale. Once prom is over, whether we like to admit it or not, there are going to be girls that return there items because though they wanted fancy jewelry for prom, they can’t actually afford to keep it. Let’s be honest, as a teenager we could barely afford to pay car insurance every month. Why keep that $50 necklace when you could return it and use the money for a full tank of gasoline? Returned items + out of season= cheaper prices. Cheaper prices doesn’t always mean low quality. It happens all the time, especially in well known jewelers shops. Once in a while my grandma will surprise me with a pendant and when I look on the back of the box and see $120, I tell her I don’t want it. Once she explains to me that it was $25 on sale, marked down and out of season, I cautiously except, wondering if she’s lying or if she really did get it that cheap. Point is, patience is key and you never know what a steal it could be to wait until after the season is over.


Ladies, one thing that we can all agree with is that we can never have enough shoes! Flip flops, sandals, heels and flats, the possibilities are endless for your wedding day. Especially because nowadays the newest craze is boots and sneakers. After prom season is over, take advantage of all the sales and markdowns. Compare and contrast the shoes you’re thinking about wearing for the big day. Ask yourself if your gonna wear heels for the ceremony and converse for the reception. Either way you decide to go, think about what would be best for the wedding, what is most comfortable for you, and take advantage of the low prices at hand.

Even though your prom days are long gone, your wedding day is still your time to shine. Make it your own and save big because even though prom season is ending, your opportunities are opening up!


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