Walk Down The Aisle With Style & Comfort!

Hi ladies, lets chat! Now I know that every bride wants to walk down the aisle looking sexy and stylish, especially underneath because we all know that the groom will enjoy that side later on in the night; unless your having so much fun with your guests that you both agree to take a raincheck on that part of the wedding tradition. When it comes to style and flare, most women are so distracted by the detail and sparkles that comfort is forgotten and doesn’t resurface until it’s too late. I am definitely a victim of this common flaw. I always want to find cute bras and unique dresses, and every once in a while I fall in love with specific clothing items. At first I think that it’s perfect, but after a few hours of wearing whatever I bought, I realize that either it’s too tight, too big, too uncomfortable or not as perfect as I once thought. Don’t fall victim to love at first sight when it comes to clothing! Take your time and don’t rush the basics, and use this guide to help you walk down the aisle with style and comfort!


Before you shop for a wedding dress, think about what kind of bra you want to wear. For those who are heavier chested, I understand the struggles. Finding a strapless bra can definitely be a challenge and even when the challenge is completed it’s hard to find a bra that’s comfy. If you know that you’re going to need a bra with straps, then remember to make sure that your wedding dress has sleeves. Now that we have a general grasp about what kind of bra you’re going to wear, let’s think about comfortability. From the moment you wake up until the time you get ready for bed, you’re going to be wearing a bra. Find one that’s comfortable and one that you wouldn’t mind wearing throughout an entire day. Though these bras may seem simple, they are definitely my favorite because not only are they high quality and cute, but very comfortable. The seamless bras at Knix are supportive, comfy and I can honestly say that I prefer them more than Victoria Secret. However, no matter where you shop make sure to ask yourself if you’ll still be comfy 3 hours into the wedding, because it’s not about if your comfy now, it’s about later because you don’t want to be uncomfortable on your on wedding day.


Not many people really think much about what kind of undergarments they’re going to wear on the big day. However, here are a few things you should definitely take into consideration. For one, remember to take the color into consideration. If your wearing a white dress, neon panties may not be the best choice. This will definitely keep your nerves on edge when you’re constantly wondering if people can see the neon pink underneath the white. Play it safe and stick with white or neutral colors. Also, reconsider lace because though it’s sexy, a lot can go wrong when it comes to lace panties. For one, if for some reason there is a hole, I can only imagine how uncomfortable that would be. Lace is also itchy! If you have sensitive skin, don’t punish yourself like that. Keep the lace on the outside of your dress, not underneath. Last but not least, make sure they fit. If your undergarments are too small or too big, you’re going to spend the majority of your night readjusting yourself, and that isn’t a pleasant sight. In all, take into consideration the color, style, and size because you should have fun on your wedding night, not constantly adjust yourself because you’re uncomfortable.


Heels are elegant, but not when you can’t even walk in them. It doesn’t pay to buy nice heels if your only going to wear them down the aisle. If your not the type of girl that wears heels on a daily basis, then when punish you feet? There are so many bridal footwear items you could choose because 5 in heels. But if you still want to wear heels, don’t overwork yourself about it. 2 in heels are just as beautiful as any other. As long as it’s comfortable and the shoe fits, then it’s a deal!

The Dress

Ok, now lets gets get down to the biggest concern, your wedding dress. Your wedding dress describes who you are. It is the dress that made you cry, and gave you that hit of realization that you’re about to marry the love of your life. You want this dress to be perfect, but don’t buy it if your not comfortable. A wedding dress is a huge investment and probably the most expensive dress you’ll ever own. Also, now a days because wedding dresses are so expensive most bridal boutiques have a final sale policy. So before making this huge decision ask yourself: Can I wear this dress for more than 4 hours? Will I be able to dance in this dress? Is this dress the right size, and do I plan on losing weight from now until then?

Comfortability is always overlooked because brides are so mesmerized by the enchantment and excitement of it all. Before you make final decisions, question those decisions and remember that if your not comfortable, you’re going to be distracted on your wedding day. Your wedding day is suppost to be your day, so don’t let irritation win!

Thanks for reading, stay comfortable and continue the Wedding Bridalibe!

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