The Biggest Celebrity Engagement Rings.. Ever!

The lives of celebrities have always been a source of fascination to the general public. News and gossip surrounding them fuels the sale of tabloids and can set the internet ablaze. Not only are people intrigued by the relationships that are formed by celebrities, but by the lengths that some celebrities are willing to go to ensure their level of love is on display for all to see.

When celebrity couples get engaged, the man is usually determined to make a serious statement of commitment and affection. This can come in the form of an extravagant engagement ring, which is shown off proudly by the happy lady. For ordinary working people, the size and cost of these rings can be outrageous! When celebrities have so much money to spend on a ring, they certainly don’t have to worry about where the wedding is held.

Just like normal people, celebrities sometimes receive engagement rings only for the relationship to end. Being in the public eye only adds more pressure to any couple. The love may end, but as they say, diamonds are forever! Here below are some of the people that have been lucky enough to dazzle the world with the biggest engagement rings ever! 

Who’s been on the Receiving End?

In a day and age where people seem to be keen to outdo each other, proclaiming your love loudly can be one opportunity to make your feelings loud and clear to the world. Some have been unlucky in love, yet received big engagement rings, which might help ease the pain. It happened a few times to some beautiful ladies who attract the attention of famous and very wealthy men.

Stars from many popular industries are very much involved when it comes to the purchase of big engagement rings. The worlds of music, movies, and sport see highly paid people looking to make the best impression possible. 

Members of royalty have also been known to choose big engagement rings so the world can see just how important the person is to them. A big engagement ring can be an important symbol to the public to show that the couple is happy with each other and ready to go about their public duties with strength and unity.

The Lucky Ladies?

Although Jennifer Aniston was quite a big star in her own right, her media exposure grew even more so upon marrying fellow actor Brad Pitt. Unfortunately, the marriage only lasted five years. Her second marriage, to another star in the movie world, Justin Theroux, was even more short-lived, spanning only two years. Yet Justin made his mark proposing with an 8-carat diamond ring, exquisitely radiant cut. Rumored to cost around $500,000, this is one of the cheaper big engagement rings in Hollywood.

Paris Hilton is another lady who struggled to find love. Despite finally getting married this year to Carter Reum, she had come close a few times previously and received a few big engagement rings along the way. Being engaged to Paris Latsis resulted in a huge 24-carat diamond ring valued at over $5 million. While a partner of Chris Zykla, she received a pear-shaped engagement ring that included 22 carats of diamonds and was said to cost $2.5 million.

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and for sure Jennifer Lopez has got quite a few of them. Despite being unlucky in love, the attention and diamonds have kept coming. First engaged to Ben Affleck, the appearance of a 6.1-carat diamond ring was not enough to ensure that they got married, splitting up less than a year later.

She did, however, make it down the aisle with Marc Anthony, who proposed with a rare blue 8.5-carat diamond ring. The marriage lasted for ten years, but the value of this ring continues to rise. During dating Alex Rodriguez he proposed with a ring that was rumored to cost about $5 million and estimated to weigh between 15-20 carats.

Rubbing Shoulders with the Royals

When a royal family member meets a Hollywood star, you can be sure there is going to be no expense spared. Prince Rainier III of Monaco courted Hollywood celebrity star Grace Kelly before forking out for a whopping 10.47-carat emerald cut diamond ring. Getting married in 1956, inflation has now resulted in the ring being valued at over $38 million. Yikes!

Princess Diana’s untimely death shocked and saddened the world. Yet her memory lives on in various ways through her jewelry collection amid tributes from her sons. Prince William, the oldest of the two, gave his now-wife Kate Middleton, Diana’s own blue sapphire engagement ring upon proposing in 2010. A fine size 12-carat ring suitable for a future queen.

Her other son Harry, who got married in 2018 to Meghan Markle, decided to create his own ring. Using diamonds that had been left to him by Diana seemed a lot more appealing to him than passing on any family heirlooms. The result was a multi-stone ring that wowed the masses of people who still take a keen interest in the royal family.

Pick of the Bunch

It’s no surprise to see highly beautiful women featured on this list. Some are highly successful in their own right. Famous singer Mariah Carey, who has had a glittering career, was the recipient of an absolute whopper of a stone in 2016. James Packer gave her a 35-carat ring, but unfortunately the couple never actually got married. Carey sold the ring after for around $2 million to move on with her life.

Another singer who has a massive rock but a bit more success in her love life is Beyonce. Starting with the band Destiny’s Child, she continues to perform as a solo artist. To complete a powerful link-up in the world of music, she married rapper Jay-Z in 2008. While not struggling for cash herself, an engagement ring weighing in at 18 carats cannot be overlooked as to how much Jay-Z wanted to declare his love for her to the world. 

Upon splitting up with Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt quickly moved onto a relationship with Angelina Jolie. This was a high-profile relationship that was scrutinized by the media. Pitt gave her a 16-carat diamond ring to fit her new media darling status. After dating for 10 years, while they did get married, it only lasted for 2 years before they decided to separate. It was known that Jolie wished to keep all the jewelry she accumulated during her time with Pitt.


As if it’s not hard enough to maintain a relationship, doing so constantly in the public eye must take it to another level. Despite facing being under scrutiny with most things that they do, even celebrities are not immune to feeling under pressure in the spotlight. Claims of love must not tend to disappoint your partner or make you look bad to a global audience.

The right message of love must be sent out and a big engagement ring can show exactly that. However, many have received a big engagement ring for the relationship to collapse shortly after. A variety of people with lots of money to spend can lead to a major outlay of cash to prove your love.

A spectacular ring can be a source of amazement to the public as they dream of being able to afford something like that. The biggest rings have been a topic of discussion over the years as celebrities try to outdo each other, and choose or make one befitting how they feel about their fiancee.

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