Your First Wedding Dance

There is nothing that strikes fear in the heart of most grooms and some brides than the very thought of the first dance.  All eyes are on the two of you alone in the middle of a big room.

Since everyone has watched “Dancing With The Stars” expectations are pretty high.  The truth is that most people have not been schooled in dance and very seldom dance together as a couple.  Most club dancing is free form, do your thing dancing so to suddenly expect yourselves to perform as a professional couple is a very unrealistic expectation.  Dancing is much harder than it looks.  There is a reason that when you see dancers after they have been performing that they are drenched.

So, what can you do to take the pressure off?  Here are a few ideas:

1) Keep it simple.  Do something that both of you feel comfortable with. If its just a slow shuffle around so be it.

2) Keep it short.  Most CD songs are about 4 minutes. Too long!  A minute is more than enough.  Get someone to cut it for you.

3) If you come from a family of perfectionists go to a professional dance studio and let them choreograph a dance for you and then teach it to you until its smooth.  Sign up for their wedding package, most studios have them.

4) Relax!  The people watching are on your side even if they kid you.

5) Dance before you’ve had a lot to drink.  After drinking while you may be relaxed your body will not cooperate and your dance will not be smooth.

6) Remember that the most important thing is that you are with the love of your life and this is the day you celebrate that love.

6) After your dance is over you will barely remember why you felt so scared and you will go on and enjoy the rest of your reception.

So don’t make it a big deal.  Enjoy your first dance as a married couple as just a small part of your big day.

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